Will You Be Alive When We Run Out Of Oil?


Oil, Coal, and LNG May Be Gone Sooner Than You Think


By the time I turn 81, humanity will have run out of oil. Just two years later, when I am 83, we’ll run out of coal.

And if I live to the age of 141 – which isn’t such a far-fetched idea with the way life expectancy is rising – we’ll be out of natural gas.

People talk about the global energy crisis in a detached way.

When we hear that there are only 1.3 trillion barrels of oil left in the world, it’s hard to imagine being personally affected by a shortage of traditional fuels.

But, a new interactive tool from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) gives users a large dose of reality. The “Your Life on Earth” tool brings the real consequences of our energy consumption into crystal-clear focus.

Data Behind the Big Picture

The BBC has compiled mountains of data from everywhere – from UNdata and the U.S. Energy Information Administration to Discover Wildlife and timeanddate.com – to show users how the world has changed in their lifetime.

Along with fun facts, like which cities are younger than you and what creatures were discovered after you were born, the site provides some shocking stats about the effects human industry has had on the world.

For instance, carbon dioxide emissions have increased by 15 gigatons, the ozone hole above the Antarctic has increased by 10 million square kilometers, and the average sea level has risen by 3 inches in my lifetime.

And with a global population increase of over two billion people and a 78% increase in coal supply, it appears these disturbing energy trends will only continue if the world doesn’t decrease its use of fossil fuels.

Due to our insatiable thirst for cheap energy, supply issues, which were once considered a “next generation” problem, are now a threat to the current generation.

The only question now is: Will you see the end of oil? Find out by going here.

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Erik Martino Hansen 7 years ago Member's comment

Oil used for fuel can eventually be replaced by another source of energy but of course we will run out of economically viable oil at some point. Much worse is the situation of other materials that is not replaceable such as rare earth materials used in magnets for wind turbines, super conductors and other hi-tech products that is supposed to save us.

Mustafa Aydemir 7 years ago Member's comment

any source to support your statement on materials used (what) that will run out (when)

Robert G. Schreib Jr. 7 years ago Member's comment

Well, The U.S. Naval Laboratory invented a method of manufacturing jet fuel, and also synthetic gasoline, out of recycled carbon dioxide, sea water and electricity. They do this on thei Navy aircraft carriers, using electricity from the carrier's atomic power plant. And the wind power industry just itypes of flying windmills, that can fly very high in the sky, to use the stronger winds up there to make electricity to send down their kite lines to the ground. In theory, they could provide all our electrical power needs, but we cannot have flying windmills near cities because they endanger aircraft and nobody wants them in their backyard. But, we could install arrays of flying windmills on ships in the middle of the oceans, and import recycled carbon dioxide from our coal burning electric power plants to them, to use their unlimited electricity with unlimited sea water, to make synthetic jet fuel and gasoline. A massive project, yes, but technically possible now, and it would extend our reserves of fossil fuels a LOT!

Admiral Jack 8 years ago Member's comment

Oil is quantitative, it can be measured based upon today's technical ability to extract. Because companies have found ways to go miles into the earth to extract oil does not make it inexhaustible nor safe. There are 27,000 abandon gulf wells that may be leaking today. The engineers that developed today's deep wells openly admit that 50% of the hydraulic cement casings will leak into the Gulf within 20 years. Another resent advancement in fuel discovery is fracturing the earth crust on an industrial level. The ability to drill deeper and fracture more of the earths crust will undoubtedly advance and with it the exponentially increasing risk of catastrophic planet altering disaster. In the end, the easy, safe to extract oil is gone.

Gary Cumberbatch 8 years ago Member's comment

Wow, so naturally "we" are making cars and things that don't run on oil and gas and the like, right??!! And, "We're doing that right now today...right??!!

Donald Michael Grahame 8 years ago Member's comment

In the 1970s we were told we were running out of oil, and the 1980s, 1990s now its 2015 and there's at least 20-30% more oil on the market than can be used. 100s of millions of barrels of oil sitting in tankers off shore in dozens of countries. Because of the worldwide recession/depression and the CO2 Global Warming Myth hydrocarbon use is declining all around the world . And this will only accelerate as alternatives to oil and coal develop.

The price has crashed at the moment because of several reasons, the Saudis want to get rid of US/CAnd shale oil and they also want to put pressure on Russia and alternatives to oil. But that will not last and prices will go up again very soon .

Do you honestly think that one day in the future all the oil wells (100s of thousands ) all around the world will suddenly go dry and there will be no more oil? That is ridiculous! World oil production will not follow a bell curve, there will be a very slow decline in production commensurate with an increase in price till probably at least 2100 +- 30? . Some where in that period oil will become irrelevant.

EIA administrator Adam Sieminski points out a crucial issue in what makes oil available — its cost. When the price of oil reaches a certain point, it becomes profitable to drill in areas and in ways that would not be profitable if oil were too cheap.


The final word on peak oil may belong to petroleum geologist Colin Campbell, a founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO), who was among the first to foresee its arrival: "The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stone, but because bronze and iron proved to be better substitutes," he wrote in 2001. "Firewood gave way to coal; and coal to oil and gas, not because they ran out or went into short supply but because the substitutes were cheaper and more efficient.substitute."

Silentum Excubitor 8 years ago Member's comment

The problem with your "CO2 Global Warming Myth", is it's very propagandized ignorance. You deniers are also so very, very arrogant! You're ignoring particulates, heat energy, deep-ocean absorption, methane, ocean Ph changes, salinity, albedo, ice and glacier coverage of BOTH land and water, mass vegetation changes, weather pattern changes, release of previously trapped hydrocarbons in permafrost, etc.,etc.,etc.,.. Already, with heat and particulates, we're seeing larger, longer, wetter extreme rain events. Ironically, major rain events may even *seem* to become less frequent. The other problem you deniers have is that your bleeding-heart libtard opponents are EVEN STUPIDER. You're ALL tools of the GREG B.'s - the Global Ruling Elites, and Global Banksters. (The real, *REAL* secret behind so-called "AGW" is Global economic, political, and social control....) Just sayin'....

Greg 8 years ago Member's comment

Donald I think you miss the point entirely. Humanity is dumping oil waste into the atmosphere. Waste dumping is never a good thing. You wouldn't just dump your household waste in you house. You would either try to recycle or find a place where it doesn't cause harm. Which generation do you want to deal with all the waste dumping? Is it your children or grandchildren? No one really knows when oil will run out but it will. If you knew there was a better way and the technology exists today would it not be worth supporting?

Why do you want to hang onto a dirty filthy energy like oil. Oil only makes a few people rich. You may be one of them but I doubt it. If you supported solar, battery storage it means you are supporting an energy source which is free entirely and will not run out for at least 4 billion years. Wealth would be more evenly distributed. There would be no monopoly on oil because we would all have the ability to produce energy from our roof top and store it in our local battery. The technology just needs as much support as you have for oil. If we all did then oil would soon be a thing of the past.

Richard Venckus 8 years ago Member's comment


Luie Lucious 8 years ago Member's comment

Oh come on guys. Quit freaking out. When we ran out of wood to burn, we burned coal. That's really the only reason we got to where we are now. When oil and gas run out, we'll just find something else to use that's more efficient. We already have. We still have the ocean to explore as well.

Matthew Breithaupt 8 years ago Member's comment

or maybe they already have non-petroleum technologies ready to go which they can use to maintain their monopoly in the future and they're just milking the earth dry before they start promoting their new "innovations".

I'm sure that in time we will figure it out, it just worries me how few people realize that there will need to be monumental changes and we won't be able to drive around in huge Dodge Ram Trucks with double 4" exhausts forever. Consider yourself as living in the 200 year golden age within our planet's 6 billion-or-so year lifetime.

It's time to start living the future or there won't be one.

Matthew Breithaupt 8 years ago Member's comment

Yeah, great solution, let's just keep burning stuff until there's nothing left on the planet but ash and carbon monoxide. It took millions of years for oil to form under the surface of the earth and we are using it all up in less than 200 hundred years. There is no space ship coming from another planet with fresh energy supplies so at some point in the not so far future every possible kind of fossil fuel is going to run out, and we have to find sustainable energy sources in order for society to continue existing in its current form and not returning to the rain forests to hunt and gather. Big oil doesn't care because they're all rich and will be dead before it runs out.

Donald Michael Grahame 8 years ago Member's comment

The world will never run out of oil! That is a myth. What will happen is the price of oil and all hydrocarbons will increase until the tipping point is reached where alternatives are cheaper than oil.

Also there is still a lot of oil undiscovered especially in deep water< 5000meters once that technology has been mastered another 5 Trillion barrels will become available

Matthew Breithaupt 8 years ago Member's comment

Ok, so maybe we'll find another 5 trillion barrels under the ocean which will last us beyond our current generation, but there is no ongoing geological process that is producing more oil as fast as we're consuming it

Kurt Benson 8 years ago Member's comment

How can you say it is a myth? Where is your proof? Link please.

Olivia DeFreitas 8 years ago Member's comment

It would be a little more helpful if you gave us the estimated year when all is going to run out, I can't answer the Headline question now!