In a World of Liars, the Truth Starts Here…
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The harsh reality is that you’re being lied to  every day – over and over again.

Wall Street is lying to you. The talking heads on television are lying to you. Your banker is lying to you. Your local Congressman is lying to you. Even your own broker is lying to you ... more


The Only Way Traders Can Afford To Think
To become a great trader, you have to develop realistic expectations. Even traders who turned small accounts into huge profits did so it over the course of years — not days, not weeks, not months.
Profiting From Falling Share Prices Made Easy
Short selling isn’t for everyone, but it’s how some traders make great money during falling markets.
How Three Flags And A Candle Can Make You Money
Before you can trade using any of the 3 bull flag patterns, you need to understand how to read a candle.
Three Patterns That Will Take Your Trading To The Next Level
It’s not an exact science, but it’s about as close to predictable as the stock market gets. The bull flag pattern and its variations are one of the most common and reliable.
How To Profit Off The Crypto Craze
Bitcoin might be buzzing, but you won’t catch me buying it any time soon.
My Top 8 Trading Tips For Volatile Markets
Is volatility rocking your trading game, or does it make you excited? More importantly, how can you put it to your advantage?


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That Time I Took On Nasdaq
I used to love watching the closing bell. I’d think to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to be up there someday? To close the stock market?’ That idea became a dream. And that dream became a reality.
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Amazon is the world’s foremost “big data” company. In fact, Amazon is in a race with Google to claim the title of “world’s largest database.” Data are the blood that supplies Amazon its oxygen.

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