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Visualized: The World Leaders In Positions Of Power (1970-Today)
3 months ago

Very unique/interesting infographic!

3 Hotel Stocks To Buy For A 2021 Rebound: Marriott, Hilton, And InterContinental Hotels
4 months ago

Marriott is only 14% off it’s all time high with occupied rooms at 20% of normal and Marriott Marquis just laid off 850 employees. Air B&B is the future. Large hotels are a Petri dish of viruses with all the hundreds of travelers coming and going. $MAR

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Coronavirus: Let's Move On
9 months ago

I agree. Releasing statements like from 25% to 80% do more harm than good. It just makes us lose trust in the medical community since it's obvious they don't know what they are talking about.

A Timely Innovator In The Tennis Industry Is Set To Launch
10 months ago

Sounds like a great product. Will check it out.

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Are COVID-19 Lockdowns Weakening Our Immune Systems?
1 year ago

Wow, quite the scathing rebuke!

'A Different Phrase For Bear Market Is Sale'
1 year ago

Good point, Warren!

Top Tech Stock News: 7 Things You Missed This Week
1 year ago

Great summary of all I need to know!

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Kroger Shares Slide As Whole Foods Slashes Prices On Hundreds Of Items
2 years ago

Yes, more like a minor slip.

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Netflix’s Price Increase Signals Original Content Isn’t Enough
3 years ago

While I don't doubt that you and many others would continue to pay despite additional membership fee increases, the fact is, many more wouldn't. if you read Mr. Trainer's article, the charts clearly show that the price increases directly cause a decrease in subscribers.

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