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Can Putin Survive?
6 years ago

true - the rich need to have someone in power - and they are now happy with Putin - most of the filthy rich in Russia have long moved most of their assets and wealth overseas so sanctions are not affecting them much at all -

These rich folks do like to be able to flee back to Russia if need be - but most live overseas most of the time -

Putin does not care if rest of the nation starves to death - as long as he is dictator - he is clever and knows how to manipulate laws - he will remain in power no matter what - the rich would have kicked him out if they did not like him long time ago - but he is one of them

Question is how many innocent people will have to pay with their lives for his Greed and his Narcissism

Can Putin Survive?
6 years ago

If you have all nuclear powers take part and use their nukes then forgot about anything surviving to live on -

You said according to Hindu religion there will be a FINAL war - if it is final then what does that mean? if there was some survivor then shortly they would start fighting and a repeat of previous civilization - so not final anything

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