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Market Briefing For Tuesday, Aug. 22
8 months ago

Whatever happened to gonzo fridays :)

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1 year ago

NWO? Really? That's either the conspiracy theory 'new world order' or something to do with Hulk Hogan! Either way you should explain. There are really a lot of holes in this.

China's Financial Sector Is Negotiating With US SEC
2 years ago

Perhaps it's time we all started avoiding Russian and Chinese company stocks.

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Bring Back The Curtain
2 years ago

The world should definitely remove Russia from SWIFT.

Is It Too Late To Invest In EV Related Stocks?
2 years ago

Interesting, thanks.  I'll check out $IPWR.

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Bitcoin: On The Lookout For New Drivers
2 years ago

Here's one... what's your savings account pay?

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SciSparc Might Become The Next GW Pharmaceuticals
3 years ago

Agreed. Nice to see.

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