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The Death Of Oil
5 days ago

I really disagree...imo. $CVX will see 100 before 69.

CytoDyn's Update Provides A Clear Path Towards Approval With Up-Listing Potential Still In The Cards
9 days ago

But what does this drug have to do with Regeneron's drug?

In this article: CYDY
More Economic Aid Needed Now To Avert America's COVID-19 Jobs Crisis
3 months ago

Yes, but we can't just keep printing more money or we'll trigger massive inflation. We can't spend money we don't have or we'll become even more massively in debt than we already are. This truly is an unprecedented situation!

Will The US Economic Rebound Continue?
3 months ago

I think you are right, but the question is, will Trump be elected to a second term? I thought for sure his massively bungled response to COVID-19 would ensure a landslide loss. But his popularity hasn't seemed to dip at all among his base, even though he's literally encouraging people to put themselves at risk and is getting people killed!

Why No Democrat Will Admit The Truth About COVID-19
5 months ago

No one said you did. It clearly lists Martin Armstrong as the author.

Why No Democrat Will Admit The Truth About COVID-19
5 months ago

But what about this mysterious ailment affecting children?


Why No Democrat Will Admit The Truth About COVID-19
5 months ago

Joseph Cox, Gary Anderson, you've done a lot of research on this topic. What's your take?

Why No Democrat Will Admit The Truth About COVID-19
5 months ago

Lot's to digest here DRM. First of all, you are right about politicians and I don't trust them. Though I trust Trump even less since politicians at least try to avoid being caught in a lie. Trump doesn't even care. Some other thoughts on what you wrote...

I haven't followed other public health concerns such as foot and mouth disease. It's possible the threat was greatly exaggerated - it wasn't big news in the US like COVID-19. Though I supposed it's possible that that there were so few deaths specifically because they culled so much livestock. I have friends who say "look, infections are down, we didn't have to close everything down and social distance. But they seem to be too stupid to realize that infections decreased specifically because we eliminated/reduced the opportunity for the infection to spread.

I also saw that report about changing the classification of deaths. I found that odd - we should have a consistent method for classifying what is a COVID-19 related death, and what isn't. Instead it seems to vary county by county, state by state. So I agree that is troubling. But you can't take an example of one 35 year old who was wrongly classified (and since corrected), and say that as a result, a large number of the 80,000+ people who died didn't really die of COVID-19. There are likely many more people who DID die from COVID-19 but weren't reported as dying from other causes. People who were never tested so were not classified as such. We know that in China there was a lot of pressure to list alternative causes of death to hide the true number of deaths. We also now know that some people died of COVID-19 in the US before the first official reported infections.

Also, an argument could be made that COVID-19 complicated this person's situation and perhaps he wouldn't have died of alcohol poisoning had he not been infected. Or perhaps he would have ultimately died of COVID-19, had he never had alcohol.

Lastly, it's not just deaths that we have to worry about. Numerous people are having strokes/paralysis or blood clotting which require amputation. These people live, but their quality of live is severally and permanently negatively impacted.

Why No Democrat Will Admit The Truth About COVID-19
5 months ago

Agreed. First of all, no one knows what the mortality rate is. So to arbitrarily claim that it's a exactly 1% is disingenuous. Plus the real threat is not the people who will be killed by COVID-19 no matter what. The danger is that the hospitals will be overwhelmed. Then countless people who should NOT have died, will. It's all about flattening the curve. Had people not taken such great care to social distance, the death toll would be far higher (as if nearly 100k dead in teh US alone isn't enough).

I don't understand why people need to politicize the pandemic. COVID-19 doesn't choose sides, it kills all. Though I'm curious to know what DRM thinks.

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