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XRP/USD Forecast: Ripple Fails At $0.75
2 years ago

Sitting at.78

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Panic Over Dogecoin Price Shouldn't Kill Bitcoin, Ethereum, Says Binance US CEO
3 years ago

Time to buy Cardano instead!

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Brutality, Riots And A Way Forward
4 years ago

People always blame the victim.

The Future Of Distance Learning And Online Education
4 years ago

Now is the time for this. Here's one industry that the pandemic will be a boon for.

MLP Humor - A Target-Rich Environment
5 years ago

Well done.

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No-New High Trade Setup: Using Pre-Market Levels To Trade The SPY
7 years ago

I'm confused by the hyphenation. What does 'No-New High Trade' mean? As a compound modifier for 'trade', shouldn't it be no-new-high trade? Why are you saying no to new and not to high? Either you don't know how to hyphenate, or I'm missing something important...

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Here’s Why Apple Stock Will Drift Higher Before Monday’s Report
9 years ago

Very exciting, thanks for sharing!

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S&P 500 Did This Only Twice In 50 Years (2000 & 2008). Again Now?
9 years ago

Wow, pretty scary!

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