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Gold And Silver Prepare For A Momentum Rally
3 years ago

The indicators in your chart do suggest a divergence and, therefore, price heading down for a bit. That bit I get. But I don't get your logic for prices to go back up again. All we've got on that is your assurance that your (secret) internal "custom indicators" are promising big price rises to come. ;)

Not Surprisingly, It Wasn’t Italy
3 years ago

So would you say that the S&P (and DOW etc) reversing and heading back up again is a dead cat bounce?

$1.1 Trillion Fund Is Buying Everything With Fed At "Market's Mercy"
3 years ago

Like it or hate it, Zerohedge does come up with some interesting (and often thought provoking) stuff!

The S&P 500 Is Getting Ready To Race Right Through 2,800
3 years ago

The problem is that 2800 is a major area of resistance for the S&P. It reached that point, and reversed from it, three times in late 2018 - in Oct, in Nov and in Dec.

In this article: BHP, CMG, AAPL, SQ, ROKU
The New Rash Of Investor Rip-Offs… And How To Avoid Them
3 years ago

As the saying goes, when a person with money meets a person with experience, the one with money walks away with experience and the ones with experience walks away with the money. The rip-off merchants take this to a new level.

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