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3 Gold Stocks To Consider Before They Break Out
4 months ago

I think gold already did break out last month. It was a buy a month ago at 18s.

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Natural Gas The New Injection Season Begins
5 months ago

Try days or weeks, natural gas has a bad history of selling off fast and going up slow.

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XL Fleet Vs. Hyliion: Which Electric Vehicle Stock Is A Better Buy?
7 months ago

Why are these two being compared? They're entirely different plays.

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Cruel And Unusual - Disrespect For Bears Goes Too Far
8 months ago

Agreed, sometimes people just need to take the loss like men.

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A Proper Send Off
8 months ago

Gotta be careful what you say these days. The feds are watching!

A Proper Send Off
8 months ago

Are you suggesting someone shoot the president??? You can get investigated by the Secret Service for something like this!

Energy Traders Brace For Cold Plunge
11 months ago

Things may have changed slightly since you typed this bullish forecast... Slightly... Lol.

Here's Where The S&P 500 Could Be In 20 Years
1 year ago

Excellent, I should just forget timing the market and set it and forget it for 20 years. Good article.

Apple Reaches $2 Trillion Market Cap
1 year ago

Not even remotely surprised!

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