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Middle East Conflict: Its Impact On Markets And Oil
7 months ago

It's not just Gaza attacking in Israel. I saw on Fox News that the US aircraft carriers now in the Middle East shot down 3 missiles and several drones launched from Yemen towards Israel.  And Lebanon and Syria have attacked Israel as well.  And that there were drone attacks against US bases in Syria and Iraq. And Hamas used weapons from North Korea and Iran.

This is very clearly spreading into a regional war, if not a world war. 

Gravedancing On Crypto
11 months ago

While clearly an expert in the investment space, I don't think the author has a firm graps on the various uses for blockchain tech outside of exchanges. That is fine with me but it is the reason why he says "I dont get it."

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Now That Was The Game-Changer For The Price Of Gold
11 months ago

Gld finished green yesterday, BRICS is coming, many countries dumping USD, etc.

What Is The Gold Bearish Case?
2 years ago

The US Government pays off it's debt! ROFL!!!

Bring Back The Curtain
2 years ago

But how much will the sanctions really hurt Russia? I've read that Putin has spent years "sanction-proofing" his economy.  And what about his new alliance with China?  I am not convinced sanctions will have any meaningful impact.

Bring Back The Curtain
2 years ago

Won't the sanctions, or to a greater extenct, bringing back the curtain, hurt Western countries as much as the new Russia/China coalition?

3 Gold Stocks To Consider Before They Break Out
3 years ago

I think gold already did break out last month. It was a buy a month ago at 18s.

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