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Does Justice Exist Anywhere In America Today?
2 months ago

Seems to me that we know the justice system does work.  No one is above the law.  Even a former president can be tried for his crimes. 

How Bitcoin Halving Can Affect The Crypto Stocks’ Bottom Line
2 months ago

Bitcoin Doubling…double the production costs.

In this article: BITCOMP
UTG: A Great Fund To Play A Recovery In Utilities
2 months ago

Nice Fund find.

In this article: UTG
The Stand
2 months ago

I just looked it up. It sounds really good.

The Stand
2 months ago

Never read that one by King.

3 Hot Auto Stocks To Buy In March
3 months ago

Nikola ($NKLA) would be the best pick.

In this article: GM, TM, PCAR, TSLA, NKLA
NeurAxis IPO Sets Stage To Take On Irritable Bowel Syndrome With A Non-Surgical Solution
5 months ago

Has your opinion on $NRXS changed at all?

In this article: NRXS
I Just Discovered Who I Am
11 months ago


Will Donald Trump And America Survive?
11 months ago

The better question is will America survive with Trump?  He's torn this country apart far better than our enemies ever managed to accomplish.

Gold Correction Is At Or Near Completion
1 year ago

I keep hearing this and it just keeps going lower.

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