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Peloton Drops After 'Sex And The City' Character Death, Credit Suisse Downgrade
2 years ago

When it’s your time to go you can die even when you’re sleeping....

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RH To Report Q3 Earnings: Key Factors To Take Into Account
2 years ago

This is how I feel about the stock and will be shocked to see this up 100 points like the last few earnings.

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Remembering Jeff Miller
3 years ago

I feel the same. I can't believe he's gone... Rest in Peace!

US Coronavirus Outlook
3 years ago

Does it really make sense that every state kind of "does their own thing" when it comes to coronoavirus? These aren't separate countries. State borders are porous with people often crossing borders for travel, shopping and work. I would think a comprehensive national plan is what is needed.

Trump's Payroll Tax Cut And The Arrogance Of "Find Something New"
3 years ago

In regards to the MSNBC video embedded in the article, we don't have to pay people to stay home, and we don't have to pressure them to go to work, we just don't have pay them more than what their salary was. I think people would be grateful to just keep making their salary. I still have to work, I'd be thrilled to stay home and do what I wanted, while still banking my same paycheck!

January 2018 Stock Market Repeat – Yikes!
4 years ago

The difference is fed intervention. They’ve put this market on their back.

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What Is Trump Up To With All This Tariff Talk
4 years ago

Absolutely correct, Lawrence.

When Banks Get Beat, Who Wins?
5 years ago

Lots to ponder!

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