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Why Immucell Corporation Is The Easiest Double In The Stock Market
6 years ago

Great article, with clearly stated risks vs. returns. Should we wait for Wall Street to analyze before we jump in on it? A proper valuation won't hurt investing, it just might excite everyone a little more.

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Dutch Central Bank President Cites "Financial Bubbles", Voices Strong Opposition To QE In TV Interview; Death By 1,000 Pin Pricks
6 years ago

Great article, Mish. It makes sense why the Euro can only push against QE. Devaluation, or abandonment, of the uniform currency seems in order. What next?

Presbia Puts Your Reading Glasses In Your Eyeball
6 years ago

potential is amazing. agreed - incredible market opportunity

Bull Of The Day: Apple (AAPL)
6 years ago

Great read. We'll have to wait for the immediate market impression of the iWatch to make further judgement, but you're right about your points. It seems that the watch will have no competition, so why is Wall Street pessimistic regarding potential value?

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Consider Taking Some Of Your Paycheck To Buy Paychex (PAYX)
6 years ago

great article, very clear points. they definitely added value with the mobile/cloud functions.

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Ruby Tuesday: The Stupid Simple Reason Chipotle Keeps Eating Their Lunch
6 years ago
Really love the "voting with their wallets" phrase - it rings pretty true for most demographics.
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The New Yorker On Housing And Mortgage Subsidies
6 years ago

The subsidies themselves seems worth it. The problem, as you said, is that Americans tend to "spend" instead of "save." Do the positives of a volatile housing sector outweigh the negatives? Not completely, but possibly enough to make these extreme subsidies a necessary evil.

The Next Bubble Has Started To Burst
6 years ago

Very interesting read, especially the bit on "artificial demand." Since an under-performing Chinese economy would surely affect the U.S., what should be done about it?

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