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BriaCell Therapeutics' Mission: Destroy Breast Cancer
8 months ago

$BCTX sound very promising.  Good news came out today.

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XRP Hitting Secular Support In Overnight Trading Amid Crypto Sell-Off
9 months ago

$XRP-X is the only chart you need to understand.

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The View From Here
1 year ago

Cool lines.

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Tesla Finally Receives Conditional Permit To Start Building Its German Gigafactory
1 year ago

There’s no such a thing “conditional permit” “A Building Permit” #1 “Operation Permit “ #2 Tesla was granted finally -after 2yrs #1 “ Approval of having such factory building in Germany 🇩🇪 “ 400 items now needed to satisfy #2 (classic items) so they can start production and Tesla promised will meet these requirements in 2 weeks by then 1st delivery of Model Y will be granted - Ceremony.

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Energy Report: Hype And Hypocrisy
1 year ago

“Despite pleas from the US, Japan, and India it appears that OPEC plus is not in a hurry to add oil production. OPEC knows that the world is trying to stop using their product in 50 years so they had better make money while the sun is shining.”

Gold Bearish Outlook: Everything Goes According To Plan
1 year ago

Bullion Cartel algos push paper and silver contracts to new  near-term lows, what a buying opportunity to load up physical. Physical buying alerts set off around the world as these cartels allow a load up on the real thing.

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PLX Upcoming Volatility Creates Opportunity
2 years ago


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Qualcomm Vs. Applied Materials: Which Semiconductor Stock Is A Better Buy?
2 years ago

Sure, someone who wants you to buy $QCOM, I thought most of you got the game by now, do the opposite of what’s published…

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Options Trading Strategies: Taking A Look At Twitter
2 years ago

I hadn't heard about Twitter Voice before. Really interesting feature that I hadn't realized how important it was until I heard you explain why. Makes total sense.

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