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Investing In Quantum Computing
4 years ago

There are 2 types of quantum computers, annealer and gate-model, roughly corresponding to analog and digital, respectively.

Google is using their chief scientist Martinis to build both an annealer and a gate model of their own, plus it is also experimenting with DWave's annealer.

IBM is building a gate model.

A collaboration between Microsoft, Intel and Delft university in Netherlands is building a gate model of the topological type invented by Kitaev.

Australia and the NSA at the Univ of Maryland are both building a gate model of a design due to Bruce Kane.

China/Alibaba have expressed interest in building a QC and China is due to finalize its next 5 year plan in March which may be relevant.

Lockheed-NASA are both using only the DWave. The recent Google news was only about their use of the DWave machine.

I've been working on QCs for more than 15 years and am the cofounder of a QC software startup. I have a QC blog where all questions are welcomed

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