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GameStop Corp. Sinks As Banks Tighten Restrictions On Shorting Meme Stocks
1 year ago

I was thinking the same thing, I don't know why there is so much disdain for $GME among all the experts.

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COVID-19 Impact On The Canadian Labor Market
2 years ago

But there is a global pandemic still waging, millions are unemployed, and now riots are raging across the US, and some places like Minneapolis City are voting to disband the police, calling for an end to law and order. It's pandemonium! Should this unprecedented time lead to much uncertainty and volatility? I would think people would flock to safe havens like gold.

COVID-19 Impact On The Canadian Labor Market
2 years ago

I've been baffled at how the US is in utter chaos and yet the stock market is hitting new highs. What can possibly explain it?

The Road To A Post-Corona Boom (Foreign Policy) - Part 3
2 years ago

I know religious can be quite positive. It can offer hope and encourage people to stay honest (assuming they believe God sees all). But I still believe it is the root of most if not all wars.

In fact an argument can be made that Nazi fascism and communism were a war against religion in that they targeted Jews and viewed those whom held God as the ultimate authority to be a threat to their own authority.

The Road To A Post-Corona Boom (Foreign Policy) - Part 3
2 years ago

The problem with religion is that it's leaders are human and as easily susceptible to corruption, greed, vice, pride and many other human failings. Far too many injustices in the world are committed using religion as an excuse. Virtually every war has religion as a root cause. Sure, in ideal world, religion can be beautiful and helpful, but in reality, it is anything but.

Shale Oil Revolution: The Challenges Ahead
3 years ago

You really think shale oil production is ending?

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Investing In A Rapidly Changing Diamond Industry
5 years ago

Good read. After seeing "Blood Diamond," I swore I'd never buy a diamond - it's too difficult to know where diamonds truly originated from and who suffered as a result. Unfortunately my finance did not agree with that outlook and required a diamond ring to complete the marriage contract. De Beers has brainwashed generations of women!

BeWhere Holdings: A Pulsing, Immutable NanoCap Growth Story
6 years ago

Interesting, thanks.

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