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Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Specialist and Strategic Consultant with a passion for creative solutions. I excel at identifying needs and resolving them, creative and genuine communication, understanding business process efficiency, simplifying the complicated, facilitating relationships, ... more

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E-Mini S&P 500 Rotational In Quarterly VWAP Structure
8 months ago

Good read, thanks.

In this article: SPX
United Airlines (UAL) Q4 Loss Wider Than Expected, Shares Dip
1 year ago

Too late to help me :(

In this article: UAL
Silver Explodes—But Why?
1 year ago

Excellent read.

In this article: GLD, SLV
Billionaire Cooperman's 11 Reasons To Be Skeptical Of Soaring Stocks Amid COVID Chaos
1 year ago

Yes but the company still has to pay salaries, etc. And if the small companies and startups they lease space to go under, they won't be making any more payments to WeWork. $WE certainly isn't picking up any new customers or renewals during the pandemic.

Billionaire Cooperman's 11 Reasons To Be Skeptical Of Soaring Stocks Amid COVID Chaos
1 year ago

Definitely. I'm curious to know if #WeWork will shutter as a result of the pandemic. I assume they still have to pay rent on their properties, but aren't getting any new customers. $WE

The Cost Of Our Coronavirus Insanity
1 year ago

Why will the virus never leave the the third world country and then bring it back to the US. I would think that if the virus ravishes those countries, every one will be infected and they will either die or recover and then become immune. Problem solved.

Does The Future Scare You?
1 year ago

Whenever I think of remote working and Zoom, all I can think about is that more woman who forgot her colleagues could see her, and went to bathroom with her laptop on her lap. And then it went viral!

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