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My name is John Michael, I enjoy discussing the markets, trading investment ideas and gaining insights from other professionals business leaders.

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Interview With Endocyte Management
5 years ago
Excellent and well written interview. Thanks.
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Pot Stocks: A Good Investment?
6 years ago
I wouldn't invest now, I would wait for all this marijuana buzz to end. Just look at the stock history on erbb, mjna, and cbis for 1-2 years. The stocks jump up on press and good news, that's when the pump happens then everyone cashes out and the stock crashes.
Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves?
6 years ago
Mr. Snyder, have there been any updates on this? Any further correlation found between the bankers?
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Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves?
6 years ago
I hate to say it, but they probably did something wrong or maybe even illegal. They were likely afraid to go to jail or loose wealth they squeezed out of society. Chose a quick death rather than a life behind bars, or in shame, or simply out of a high paying job.
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Palestinian Ambassador To Prague Killed In Bomb Explosion - How Will The Markets React?
6 years ago
According to the Jerusalem Post, this was deemed an accident and not an assassination. That being the case, I'd say the world markets are safe from any ripple effects.
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other...
6 years ago
Ouch! But why are student loads increasing so dramatically relative to all other variables?
Gold Vs. The Gold Miners
6 years ago
Great analysis. I will take a deeper look at GodlCorp and put the others on the back burner. Thanks.
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I Finally Got Snapchat! It All Makes Sense Now!
6 years ago
I'd steer clear of snapchat if I were you. If you hadn't heard, they got hacked last night and millions had their personal info stolen and posted online: Stick with the proven market leaders which have more secure web infrastructures.
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