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Tesla's Robotaxi Future Upside
3 months ago

They are using $FRSX tech.

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Buy Apple Stock Before It Unleashes This "Next Big Thing"
3 months ago

He's referring to Apple Glass. Though I'm not convinced this will take off. Google Glass bombed. And though Apple's version should be more streamlined, I suspect it will be a fad - like 3D TVs. Cool for a little while, but not the way most people want to "see."

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Cruel And Unusual - Disrespect For Bears Goes Too Far
3 months ago

If Mr. Left was actually threatened that's one thing, but considering his past responses and blatant misinformation on numerous occasions I'm rather inclined to diagnose him as a sociopath.

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Apple Sued Over Not Taking Down Telegram After Capitol Hill Riot
3 months ago

While I'm of course opposed to the violence, and spreading of hate, all this censorship and "cancel culture" is a very slippery slope!

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The U.S. Presidential Election, The Economy, And Gold: How To Prepare For The Coming Market Crash
6 months ago

A number of influential members of the GOP, such as Mitt Romney, have said there was no wide spread fraud and have congratulated Biden on his win. Even Jared Kushner apparently pushed Trump to concede. But Trump is somewhat detached from reality.

How Will The Election Impact The Bullion Market?
8 months ago

Bullish either way. Dem win inflation PM goes up. Reps win social unrest civil upheaval PM goes up.

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Death, Economics And Coronavirus
9 months ago

Agreed. I read somewhere that the error rate on those tests is a high as 30%!

Predictions Of The Dollar's Demise Are Likely Premature
9 months ago

No knee jerk reactions here. I thought this was quite good.

To Wear Or Not To Wear: That’s The Question With These Stupid Covid Masks
9 months ago

Mark, how can someone who is clearly as intelligent as you, dismiss all the medical and scientific data that shows wearing a mask not only saves lives, and prevents infection, but is critical to ending the pandemic?

Did China Pandemic Endanger The World For A Deal?
1 year ago

It doesn't matter if it is standard or not. If China knew they had a pandemic on their hands, but knew a pandemic provided an easy out for them,.it would make sense that they would be both quick to accept the deal, and to keep the pandemic quiet until the deal was signed.

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