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Trump Part IV – The Causes And Uses Of An Economic Crisis
2 years ago

That's a creepy comment for #Trump to make (though he is the king of creepy comments). We can agree to disagree on Israel, but America's policy of regime change has nothing to with any country but America.

As for Israel, we've gotten far more from our alliance with them. Not to mentioned the countless medical and technical advances that have benefited the entire world. All those who argue that we should boycott Israel would likely not get far in life if they truly boycotted EVERYthing that came out of that little country on the other end of the world. Check out this great list, I think you'll be surprised:


We tolerate far more from countries who kill thousands of their own people or who openly support anti-America rhetoric, not to mention countries who supported and helped hide Bin Laden. Sad.

Trump Part IV – The Causes And Uses Of An Economic Crisis
2 years ago

Can you really claim that #Trump is Anti-Semitic when his own daughter, #Ivanka is Jewish? He seems to have an unhealthy attraction to her, and an obvious appreciation for her husband's business and political acumen (Jared #Kushner). And there's nothing wrong with being pro-Zionist... a strong #Israel makes for a strong America.

5 Stocks To Buy As Unemployment Hits 9-Year Low
2 years ago

David P. Sims, CPA, I'd be interested in that discussion. Which stocks would you recommend selling?

In this article: CLGX, NCI, CRAI, ACN, HCKT
Trump Should Absolutely Issue 100-Year Bonds
2 years ago

Gary Anderson, who is Eric Lonergan? I couldn't find him on this site.

Modi’s Demonetization Is A Cure Worse Than The Disease
2 years ago

Absolutely true, I have a lot of contacts in India. No one with means need to wait in any currency lines.

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