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Four Stocks To Sell First Thing Tomorrow
2 years ago

While I agree that risk adverse investors should look elsewhere, for the more adventurous, these stocks could offer some some tremendous upside. There is no reward without risk. Investors too afraid to take such risks should probably stick with mutual funds.

In this article: BIDU, BABA, JD, DIDI
PLX Upcoming Volatility Creates Opportunity
2 years ago

Had our eyes on $PLX for a while now. I think big things are coming for this company.

In this article: PLX
How To Find Great Stocks To Invest In
2 years ago

Thanks for the read, Chuck.

ContextLogic (WISH) Stock Is More Than A Meme – It Could Double From Here
3 years ago

I'm a big fan of #ContextLogic. Someone just asked me "Why invest in $WISH?"

My answer is simple, #Wish operates in a huge market that spans the entire world as we know it. They already have 100 million users and they have a turnover of several billion USD annually.

They will gradually, in good conversation with the sellers, make sure that they also carry a part of the cake so that they can also earn enough on the work and on the resources that they, the Wish company, spend for the sellers to reach out to their customers.

Wish is the next #Amazon ($AMZN), there is no doubt about it.

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Paratek Pharma - Trending Stock
3 years ago

Good stock pick.

In this article: PRTK
A Golden Bridge For Gaza
3 years ago

Thanks for the link. Lots of interesting articles lately.

J.D. Power Dependability Survey Places Tesla Among Worst Brands In US
3 years ago

Nouveau Monde Graphite. Company will be the largest producer of graphite in the Western Hemisphere. Currently trading under $2.00 Uplisting to the NASDAQ.

Check out this presentation at the 16:19 mark. https://youtu.be/QwAkIPZOYCY

In this article: TSLA
A Collapse Of The European Economy Is To Be Feared
3 years ago

Why try to post spam to another site? Seeking Alpha has really gone down hill in recent years. So much fake news, shorts, paid promotional articles, etc. No longer a fan.

Gold & Gold Stocks Commentary Post 2020 Election
3 years ago

Worthless commentary. Never get your advice on gold from resellers of gold, or their representatives. Added the 2 independent senators and the vice president the senate is more democratic than anyone realizes. Last comment gold buyers need cheaper prices to replenish. Talk downs will occur more often so they can buy.

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