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Are Warren Buffett And Charlie Munger Buying Now?
5 months ago

There are always opportunities if you know where to look...

5 Mobile Robotics Stocks To Combat Coronavirus Crisis
6 months ago

These are challenging times but there is room for innovation and creativity to ensure that not every company actually goes bankrupt. I do however agree with you that their sales will be severely impacted. But once things return to normal, there will be a need for surgeries again, and a huge backlog to work through which their robots could potentially help with. So I wouldn't write them off just yet.

5 Mobile Robotics Stocks To Combat Coronavirus Crisis
6 months ago

Thanks for sharing. My thoughts also. Sounds logical. Just a matter of patience and time, to do it right.

US Stocks Continue To Hit All-Time Highs
11 months ago

It’s depressing, there is no logical reason for it to be this high.

Closer Than You Think
1 year ago

Interesting. In your opinion would COULD be causing this increase in bond yields?

A VW-Tesla Marriage Looks Heartbreakingly Remote
1 year ago

Looks can be very deceiving.

In this article: VLKAY, TSLA
The Fallout At Deutsche Bank
1 year ago

Great video on $DB.

In this video: DB
The Downside Of Balancing US-China Trade
1 year ago

Excellent article. You've really changed my view on the trade war. Thanks to Gary Anderson for making me aware of this article by linking to it from his:

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