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Yields Falling; Who Could Be Buying Without QEs?
9 months ago

Thanks for the link.

Why We're Still Bearish On Ballard Power Systems
3 years ago

Nice work Quantified-Alpha, what's your take on the company now? Any updates?

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Boy-Genius To Most Hated Man In America: How Martin Shkreli Got Where He Is Today
3 years ago

While I agree Martin Shkreli is bad news... well let's just say it - he's scum. But what I don't get it why he became so hated by jacking up the price of one drug. Companies have been doing this for years, sometimes to an even worse degree. There are companies whose sole purpose is to do this. Why did Shkreli get singled out?

Andrew May, what am I missing?

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MEI Pharma Stocks Plummet | Poor Trial Results To Blame
3 years ago

Any updates on this stock?

In this article: MEIP
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