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Proof Of Stake Makes Cryptos More Security-Like, Says SEC Chairman
9 days ago

More "security like" does not mean they are a security 馃槀

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To Think That V. Orban Is A Hero Of The Right
11 days ago

I'm confused, the summary talked about Tucker, Trump and the GOP, but the article makes no mention of them at all.

Meet Our Satanist Monkeypox Czar
16 days ago

Why? I'm sure plenty of politicians and people in positions of power have private hobbies, (into S&M, BDSM, or whatever). It doesn't mean they are bad at their job. Trump liked affairs with prostitutes and porn stars. Some say he has a fetish for golden showers. Does that mean we should not vote for Trump?

By your logic, no one could ever get a job if you didn't liike their hobbies or fashion choice, outside of the office. But none of that should matter. And here I thought MAGA types didn't like censorship or cancel culture.  Well guess what, that's exactly what you are doing.

Battery Metals: Booming Business, Say The Charts
1 month ago

馃馃 BATT doesn’t have a bullish setup in any sense that i see but 馃し馃徎‍鈾傦笍 never know

Gain Therapeutics: Reasons For Optimism
1 month ago

Nice article!

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What Needs To Happen For The GDXJ To Hit New Lows?
2 months ago

The US government would have to pay off their debt in full!

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Energy Stocks Attempting To Break Down Through Key Support
2 months ago

I guess that's the Harambi pattern and ends at the gorilla's buttocks?

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Michael Saylor Fears A Bitcoin Crash And Begs The Government For Help
3 months ago

 I thought governments were the enemy? 馃槀

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Bitcoin Could Fall Further In Indecisive Trade
3 months ago

Seems like Bitcoin is always all over the place.  I need to start buying low and selling high.

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