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Intermediate investor looking to enhance my stock picking skills and to discuss trade ideas with other like minded individuals.  Also a big fan of the Netflix show - House of Cards, if you hadn't guessed.  And yes, my first name really is Frank.

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How I Would Vote In Israel
5 years ago

I too, was very surprised by Netanyahu's announcement regarding the two state solution. He has always supported it in the past. Either he has come to realize that Israel currently has no peace partner or, as you said, he's become a bit desperate and is grasping at straws to appeal to the right.

Investing Lessons From House Of Cards’ President Underwood
5 years ago

Excellent post and comment thread.

I may not be the real Frank Underwood, but we have a lot in common and I believe he was 100% right when he gave the entitlement speech. Charles Sizemore did a great job of taking a fictional speech and explaining why its important to real people. Nicely done.

Adlabs Entertainment – The Most Expensive Indian IPO Ever?
5 years ago

Short but concise. I have to agree with your brief analysis.

What Special Forces Can Teach Us About Investing
5 years ago

Nicely done, I agree completely.

Should You Cancel Your Phone, TV And Internet Service Contracts?
5 years ago

Some of the BEST shows aren't even available on cable TV. For instance, all those great productions that Netflix, Amazon and Yahoo are starting to put out themselves. Like my personal favorite... House of Cards which is a Netflix exclusive. And now that new TVs are primarily smart - and come with these apps pre-installed, often with a dedicated button on the remote, it's never been easier to give up on cable.

A Free And Open Regulated Internet, Net Neutrality Via Title II
5 years ago

So states and municipalities can impose new taxes on the internet and get a piece of the pie? Great idea... higher prices.

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Chart: Exodus From US Stocks
5 years ago

Safety is now hiding in Europe.

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Why You Should Fear Take-Your-Drone-To-Work Day
5 years ago

Excellent post. Not only entertaining, but I think you've hit the nail on the head on every point. In particular the part about workers getting fatter and lazier. As it is most people spend way too much time at their desks and its simply not healthy. I myself only get up when I need to. What happens when I no longer need to?

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