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Will International Competition For Remote High-Level Jobs Be Good Or Bad?
3 months ago

You know, the people who don't think higher end workers should face the same sort of competition as manufacturing workers are proponents of inequality, even if they are so ignorant they think of themselves as liberals or progressives.

Are You Really Being ‘Gouged’ At The Pump?
10 months ago

I think he meant the price that gas is sold to gas stations don't react instantaneously, but companies certainly price gauge. Some airlines for example lock in gas prices a year in advance, but when prices increase, they'll increase fares as an excuse, even though their actual cost does not change.

The Tail Wags The Tesla Brontosaurus
1 year ago

Onsemi $ON is a must buy for relative price strength. insider trades 230k on 8-Nov. EPS growth rate 53.9% compares favorably with industry 22.3%. broad portfolio of energy efficient solutions. extensive community of partners. cloud solutions i.e. AMZN, image signal processors i.e. NVDA. ER beat upbeat outlook. coiling up really tight after another gap up — one $5 semi flying under the radar to get in cheap before earnings & held by hedgies is $OSS maker of computing systems for EV market i.e. Tesla, AI, defense, finance, & entertainment. to present at the Roth 10th Annual Technology Conference, 17-Nov. look at this daily. reversal is taking off. Next ER 11-11. big move on the way.

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The Tail Wags The Tesla Brontosaurus
1 year ago

FYI — Optical Cable Corp is a customer of chipmaker $KLAC this multi-day pennant holds up. calls ↑ 590%. insider trades & open 2nd hq 5-Nov — $CEVA leading licensor of sensor fusion & signal processors for EV, 5G & AI. customers Berkshire Hathaway, Honeywell, Intel, Digital Ally — 9-Nov Q3 earnings beat. record rev of $32.8m beats by $1.74m ↑ 31% YoY. record IoT royalties & new agreements — $45’s was a gift. going heavy on this dip. holds MA’s. 30% upside with $59 average PT. most likely funds selling into retail thinking they’re smarter — meanwhile, you're missing these setups — $AVGO is in play. calls ↑ 590%. I guess 59 is a magic #. caught the beginning sub $419 low floater to stay on my port for a while.

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SoFi Technologies Stock Forecast 2025: Up To 112% Growth
1 year ago

"A more conservative average target high/low for September 2025 should land around $34.56 or $31.60."

This doesn't sound that promising..but, in one sense it is a 100% jump, but..not what we all hoped for.

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It's Good To Be A Guinea Pig
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing.

Trading Volatility In Volatile Times
2 years ago

Right on the money.

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CytoDyn Investors Sell Despite Positive Recommendation From DSMB And A More Certain Path To COVID-19 Approval
2 years ago

Appreciate your putting $CYDY on my radar. Been following it since you first started writing about them.

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To Wear Or Not To Wear: That’s The Question With These Stupid Covid Masks
2 years ago

All this great content and all people can talk about is where to wear masks! That should have been the headline ;-)

Coronavirus: Let's Move On
2 years ago

I think you are missing the point. He is saying more people will die from the lockdowns and economic turmoil than the disease itself.

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