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Junior Gold Bull Analog & GDXJ Levels
10 months ago

Great post, thanks for sharing.

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Is An October Crash Looming?
1 year ago

The markets been crashing for 8 months.  Nice FUD article.  GL covering.

Adapt, And Be Ready To Act
3 years ago

Kind of tooting your own horn there a bit, no?

Did Buffett Just Bet Against The US? Berkshire Buys Barrick Gold, Dumps Goldman
3 years ago

This is the problem with the flawed human condition. Everyone wants fear and BS pushed more than they want simple facts.

Buffet holds 80B+ in $AAPL, 50B+ in financials, buys back billions in $BRK-B stocks and the only head line click bait shit is.....

"Is Buffett betting against the US"....

Because hey buys 600Mil in #GOLD??? Serious!!!! Honestly this stuff should be illegal and people should pay penalties/fines for doing it.

This is why humans fail!!!

In this article: BRK-B, GS, GLD
Gold Forecast: Optimistic But Take Caution
3 years ago

Good info, let’s dump!

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