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Will You Be Alive When We Run Out Of Oil?
8 years ago

And if we weren't contending with global warming we would be contending with global cooling. Climates always change therefore we always have to deal with that change. They will change with or without mans contribution to that change.

Our current warming period began prior to the Industrial revolution (mid 19th century) When we talk about CO2 increases to our atmosphere due to mans influence we hear that the level has gone up by 100% ie from 200 parts per 1,000,000 to 400 parts per 1,000,000. What folks don't seem to realize is that a 100% increase of nothing is still nothing! or in our case a 100% increase of an extremely small component is still an extremely small component. Nature has the ability to alter everything in a blink of an eye. We (mankind) may well have a small influence at times but that influence and it's results amount to nothing when nature pulls of a major event.

To say that we will or even could be out of coal in the authors lifetime (assuming she is 24) She figs that will occur in 60 years is utter nonsense. I don';t know where she gets her figs from but she should research coal deposits ion the USA. The USA alone could provide the worlds need for coal for hundreds and hundreds, and hundreds of years. That does not take into consideration the coal deposits elsewhere in the world.

The electric age is about to begin. As it unfolds our use of fossil fuels will not be able to match the cheap price of this ultimate clean energy. But advancements don't progress in a even slope upwards.They come in leaps and jumps. We will see a breakthrough in Fusion energy and when that happens we will see the beginning of the end of our dependency on fossil fuels. A flexible super conductor will be another. The development of a flexible super conductor that could be made into a wire would mean the production of electric motors and generators that would drive the world form appliances to automobiles to trucks, ships and aircraft. Air Bus recently (July 2015) announced that they can see the day when they will be producing electrically driven commuter aircraft with passenger loads of up to 121. That is just the beginning. These inventions are not a long way off they are near. (checkout General Fusion for example)

Mankind will not be off fossil fuels until we have a replacement. It is coming.

Look how quickly the computer has revolutionized the world and how we do business communicate etc etc think that was fast? Watch what happens when we fig out FUSION power generation!!! We truly do live in exciting times.

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