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Who Is Running America Today?
1 month ago

I'm starting to worry about Trump's declining mental health. His rhetoric and encouragement pracitcally launched an insurrection.  Now he's lying and encouraging distrust in the FBI which already lead to one attack against them.

If Trump is now stealing nuclear secrets and storing them in Mar-a-Lago which is a hotbed for spies and foreign agents, I have to question his own mental health. I fear I can no longer vote for him.

Who Is Running America Today?
1 month ago

I voted for Trump twice and I'm not a fan of Biden but it's disrepectful to call the president brain dead.  I didn't tolerate it from my friends who didn't like Trump when he was prez., and I don't tolerate it now.  You can dislike the man, but you still need to respect the office. Otherwise, American is just a country of sore losers and hypocrites.

Explaining My Obsession Regarding Trump
1 month ago

Thank you for your service.

Trustworthy Companies Offer Superior Investment Returns With Less Risk
2 months ago

The banks are all crooked - always getting caught stealing from their own customers.  It just happened yet again:

ExxonMobil Does Not Control Oil Or Gasoline Prices
2 months ago

Thanks for educating me on this topic. Apparently, I like most Americans, did not fully understand how oil pricing worked.

Half Full Or Half Empty
2 months ago

If he didn't run, he'd still be alive.  I'll never understand why people run from the police. If they are innocent, they have nothing to worry about. If they aren't, getting arrested is still better than getting shot.

Even A Better Idea
3 months ago

It wouldn't matter if Biden were still the candidate. People simply don't like him.  And though many of the country's problems are not his fault, as president it is ultimately his responsiblity.

The Government That Governs Least Governs Best
3 months ago

You sound unhinged.  If that angry mob had gotten their hands on Pence, "mob madness" might have won out and who knows what they would have done to him.  But no one really wanted that.  He had no choice - he followed the law and the constituion.  Pence was a faithful Republican and Trump loyalist for years.  Don't forget that.  But he's also a man of integrity and couldn't turn his back on God and truth just to serve wishful thinking.

The Government That Governs Least Governs Best
3 months ago

I agree 100% with what you said, Texan Hunter.  Proud lifelong Republican here.

Is Now The Time To Buy Into Virgin Galactic, Meta Materials, Or Krispy Kreme Stock?
1 year ago

It's definitely the time to buy $SPCE! Yesterday was an historic day! Not just for Virgin Galactic, but for the world.

In this article: DNUT, SPCE, MMAT
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