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Is Now The Time To Buy Into Virgin Galactic, Meta Materials, Or Krispy Kreme Stock?
2 months ago

It's definitely the time to buy $SPCE! Yesterday was an historic day! Not just for Virgin Galactic, but for the world.

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Joe Biden
2 months ago

Most Republicans would disagree.

This Company Can Bring Millions Of Americans Into The Digital Age
3 months ago

Several years ago, I think #Pera said that he could build out his wireless solution in almost all of the rural areas for under $10 billion. #Biden should just give #Ubiquiti $10 billion and save the treasury $90 billion. That’s real money to some of us anyways.

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The Biggest Misstep Of 2021
5 months ago

Sadly, with the attack on the Capital Building, it seems like too many people want to topple our own government!

Joe Biden Is Trumpism’s Best Asset
7 months ago

Fox was always my go to news site. I hadn't watched CNN in years since I felt their biases seeped into their reporting and did not give a balanced view. But I've come to realize that both sides do this. Unbiased journalism is dead.

Joe Biden Is Trumpism’s Best Asset
7 months ago

Also curious to know what @[DRM](user:130312) thinks about all this. We've seen eye to eye on most issues here, but not sure what his current thinking is.

Joe Biden Is Trumpism’s Best Asset
7 months ago

So why did Fox and NewsMax retract their statements that Dominion machines were rigged? If they believed it, they should have fought for their editorial integrity. But even Tucker Carlson admitted, that as much as he wanted to believe there was fraud, he could find none and no evidence was provided to him from the Giuliani team. For me, that's when my eyes were finally opened. This was all one big lie.

Sounds like your eyes are still closed. But we'll believe what we believe. Truth be told, ignorance really is bliss... I was happier before I realized the truth.

Joe Biden Is Trumpism’s Best Asset
7 months ago

The Dominion story was a good one and one I wanted to believe, but it was just a story. If there was any real evidence, the Dominion executives would all be in jail. Not to mention, they sued Fox News and NewsMax and those companies had to retract their stories against Dominion. If they had any evidence, they would have fought it.


I voted for Trump and am sorry he lost and I would vote for him again. But I don't understand why so many people can't admit he lost. Is it really so hard to believe? He's not exactly a likable guy. In fact, he's the kind of guy people love to hate. But he does what needs doing and doesn't care what others think.

Vaccines And Their Impact
7 months ago

That's in Israel. The rest of the world still has a long way to go!

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