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Project Manager NI (SCDP) at Schindler Elevator Corporation (U.S.)

Project Manager NI (SCDP) at Schindler Elevator Corporation (U.S.) and former TalkMarkets intern.

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Bull Of The Day: Barnes & Noble
8 years ago

I am surprised Barnes and Nobles is doing so well. I thought Amazon was taking more of its profits and market share.

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Coffee ETFs Surge On Supply Concerns
8 years ago

The U.S. dollar's overvaluation is really screwing up global trade.

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Domino's Pizza Beats Earnings, Revenues On Solid Comps
8 years ago

I really like how innovative Domino's has become. I think the innovation couples with their marketing strategies are why the company is doing so well. What do you think?

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Why Nations (And Organizations) Fail: Self-Serving Elites
8 years ago

I feel like Marx predicted this in his literature. The elites are the bourgeoisie. The vassals. The rest of us are part of the proletariat. We are the serfs of the modern era.

Three Crucial Rules To Be Successful In Trading
8 years ago

Great tips! When exactly should you cut your losses? What are the signs? The indicators?

Bull Of The Day: Chipotle Mexican Grill
8 years ago

I think Chipotle would be a great company to invest in.

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PayPal Could Soon Be Bigger Than Ebay
8 years ago

I'm not sure. I think that Paypal has an edge with its recognizable brand name.

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4 Ways Reddit Could Distribute Its Stock To Users
8 years ago

There was a loophole that allowed users to earn free cash.

How To Find The Best Offshore Banks
8 years ago

Nope. They change the policies.

Netflix: Partnering With France's Orange Could Be A Key Step In Strengthening Its European Footprint
8 years ago

Isn't Alibaba projected to put Amazon out of business in the next ten years?

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