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More Gold Backed BRIC Currency Silliness On Dethroning The Dollar
4 months ago

I think the currency will only be convertible within the BRICS group, you won’t be able to print a trillion dollars buy some BRICS, convert it to gold and ship it home.

If it works, other countries will want to join, and over time the world will go back to gold.

Euro Tests Parity
1 year ago

Hard to believe the Euro has dropped so much!

GME Soars 20% After Announcing Stock Split
1 year ago

Gotta love $GME!

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Chart Wars: Will Electronic Arts Or Take-Two Reach New All-Time High After Activision Deal?
1 year ago

Must be because of the failure of COD this year. $ATVI must have been cheap. $MSFT and Halo have been making all the right moves, lately. They also have a Perfect Dark Game and GoW. Those projects haven’t pandered as much as COD (or previous BF had).

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Rocket Experiencing Massive Growth, Expanding New Business Platforms Ahead Of Fed Interest Rate Hikes
1 year ago

You know, if you did this during intraday trading or even during the week, it would actually have an impact

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This Meme-Stock Is Still Not Worth Buying At Any Price
1 year ago

David Trainer, how can you say that $AMC is not even worth a $1? They may be overvalued, but who wouldn't grab some $AMC stock at only a buck?

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Welcome To The Metaverse
2 years ago

Agreed. I enjoy watching dystopian movies, but have never seen one where the meta verse is a good thing.  But #Zuckerberg only cares about profit, not about what's good for his users.

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