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Bitcoin Might Go Below $20,000
6 months ago

Yep, we're already there!

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Wall Street Believes BTC Could Yet Fall To 10K
8 months ago

Wall St. isn't alays right.

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Bitcoin Elliott Wave Analysis - Thursday, July 7
8 months ago

Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

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9 Tips To Prepare For An Economic Crisis And Save Your Assets
9 months ago

Lol, for a moment I thought this headline said how to prepare for a crisis and "save your asses!"

Should Cryptocurrency Play A Role In Your Investment Strategy?
10 months ago

If he holds it, it will be worth even more in the future.  Every time someone says Bitcoin hit it's high... it always ends up surpassing it later.

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Should Cryptocurrency Play A Role In Your Investment Strategy?
10 months ago

Well he's real. It's just a question of who he really is.  The video the author linked to lists several possibilities to Satoshi's true identity.

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What Makes Solana So Controversial
11 months ago

With so many problems, and so many other crypto coins to choose from, why take a risk on #Solana?

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3 Cryptos With Real-World Applications
11 months ago

Good news ahead … currently I also own all 3 for the long term. Thanks for sharing.

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Ukraine Calls For Freezing Crypto In Russian Hands
1 year ago

If that's possible it totally undermines the concept of crypto being free of control by the same people that control the banks.

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Crypto Is Crashing But Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Isn't Worried About A Crypto Winter
1 year ago

Time for $ETH-X to move beyond #Vitalik. He's a liability to the project after ETH2 is complete. Takes an awful long time to make progress with this. Has too much control and ETH should be turned over to stakeholders after. Then paid appearances don't take a backseat to developing when you've already raided the coffers of billions.

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