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Interview With First Choice Healthcare Solutions
3 years ago

Trevor Lowenthal, you've made a compelling case. But a company is only as strong as it's captain. Before I decide to invest, I'd like to hear more about Chris Romandetti's background and experience. Why he is best equipped to ensure the success of $FCHS?

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Why Be A Contributor To TalkMarkets
4 years ago

Wow, this is groundbreaking! I so wish I had made the cut.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Debt
4 years ago

Good point.

Have You Been Sucked Into The Warren Buffett Trap?
4 years ago

I have to admit, I've fallen into this trap more than once.

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Apple Vs. FBI - Why You Need To Care
4 years ago

I've heard a lot of back and forth about this topic and to be honest, I've been in the FBI's camp. But Shelly Palmer makes the most compelling argument I've heard to date. He's convinced me that I've been looking at this issue in the wrong way.

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Alibaba Is Up Big. Will Gains Continue?
4 years ago

It did, but it's not making any money. Groupon has reported a net income loss for each year it’s been public. I know in 2014 they lost $73 million.

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Alibaba Is Up Big. Will Gains Continue?
4 years ago

I like $BABA, but I'm not a fan of $GRPN and don't think the company will last.

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