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3 months ago

So did any of those other publications publish you? If so, you can vindicate yourself to your wife. If not, maybe your wife and that commenter are right.

WTI Extends Gains After Sizable Crude Inventory Draw, Shrugs Off Unexpected Product Builds
3 months ago

$FANG $XOP $USO OK so we had EXACTLY the right #'s IF you just add the higher gasoline build to ESTIMATES versus the HIGHER crude DRAW to estimates. Basically the ESTIMATES really got it EXACTLY RIGHT! Crude -5.36mm (-3.3mm exp) Cushing +741k Gasoline +2.51mm (-1.1mm exp) Distillates +1.585mm (-1.6mm exp)

Traders Begin To Realize Higher Inflation Is Bullish For Gold
3 months ago

Higher Inflation is also bullish for crypto.

SoftBank Makes $500 Million Bet On Mortgage Market With Investment In
5 months ago

#Buffett probably bought 20 million of $RKT shares from Dan Gilbert which is worth $500M.

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Meme Stock Failure
6 months ago


In this article: PLTR
Silver Is Sticky Money
6 months ago

Bravo. This is well-written and a much more balanced article that leads people into the right direction. Go $PSLV.

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Crackdown Arrives: Interactive Brokers Joins Robinhood, Blocks Buying Of Gamestop, AMC, Others
7 months ago

Sounds like textbook moral-hazard to me, but I understand the concern for systemic contagion. Hopefully, there are no cryptocurrency derivatives!.

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The U.S. Presidential Election, The Economy, And Gold: How To Prepare For The Coming Market Crash
10 months ago

Trump's militias may be "standing by" for now, but when he loses and refuses to leave, sll hell may break loose.

A Collapse Of The European Economy Is To Be Feared
10 months ago

I would think that's mostly the pandemic's fault.

Hearo.Live, The Startup That Is Turning Solitary Media Watching Into A Live, Social Experience
1 year ago

It's funny you mention this, Moon Kil Woong. I just had an argument with my wife over this exact issue. She loves sitting in silence while watching. I love cracking a few jokes, or moans, having some commentary, etc. What you might call banter. But for me that's part of the movie experience. I have many friends that feel the same way. But my wife doesn't exactly enjoy watching movies with me :)

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