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Happy Thanksgiving
15 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

Veterans Day 2023
24 days ago

If they were going to attack while Biden is president, wouldn't they have done it already?  Biden's term is almost up and if the election were held today, polls say that Trump would win.

My Sunday Sermon Before World Peace-Forgiveness
26 days ago

Between the war in the Middle East and the war in Ukraine, and the cold war between Iran, Russia, China, and the US, it seems like we're pretty far from world peace.

SaverOne Gains Rapid Traction With Its DDPS Solution
1 month ago

Are you really the CEO of the company?  That's very cool! Thanks for taking the time to answer my newbie question.  The answer does seem obvious in hindsight.

In this article: SVRE
SaverOne Gains Rapid Traction With Its DDPS Solution
1 month ago

You wrote SaverOne is a "company offering safe driver products for cars and fleets that have a huge TAM."  Sorry, but what's a "TAM?"

In this article: SVRE
A Sunday Sermon-The Nature Of Things
1 month ago

Interesting change of pace.

1 month ago

Normally I don't like short posts, but this was so poignant and to the point... I approve.

Where To Invest In The UK Mess
1 month ago

Seems like the war is very much a Gaza/Israel thing. Why would the US get involved?

Joe Biden's Shameful Legacy
1 month ago

I'd like to think the author is not has horrible as he sounds.  Maybe he can clear most of this up by answering a simple question.  Mr. Naegele:

Do you condemn the Hamas terorrist attack on October 7th, and agree that there can be no justification for the senseless slaughter and torture of innocents, including children?

I assume this is a pretty simply answer and if you were just unequivical about it, you would likely get most of these people off your back. You sound like you actually support Hamas and ISIS which I can't believe is actually the case.  So please clarify for us.

Joe Biden's Shameful Legacy
1 month ago

Everyone - I think the author has to be joking. No one would really choose the side of baby killing terrorists over people just trying to protect their homes. Only someone truly evil would do that. The author must be being facetious, no?

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