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retired teacher buys/sells 100% biotech-that's all!

Retired teacher,loves Lake Tahoe & Mammoth in summer,trout fish,relax,make bio money.

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Clinton V Trump – The Long Awaited Verdict
3 years ago

HC didnt do anything wrong re Benghazi,she said she would do things different,but hindsight=20/20...Wikileaks was a Russian attempt to subbvert our election and showed HC was and is a politician no different than any other democrat or republican.

HC never laughed at 12 year old girl and that has been debunked by all the reputable news outlets...not drudge or breitbart,but all the reputable ones say she NEVER laughed at her...and yes I read lots of sources and Trump comes up lacking on every scale of fitness and/or quality.

4 hrs till results come in,we'll see what America thinks...

Clinton V Trump – The Long Awaited Verdict
3 years ago

You stated Trump is "unpredictable" and yet you would vote for him and allow him the opportunity to nuke the world back to the stone age...go figure...bottom-line Hillary will make a better president and she gets my vote.

Follow This Strategy And Book Huge Returns In Biotech
4 years ago

Bret,Your strategy of buying the big names in biotech is sound,however as u wrote a while back,one micro-cap bio winner can be huge and make up for 9 misses.GL

In this article: MRK, AMGN, CELG, GILD, ABBV
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