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Tesla Is Going To Embarrass Warren Buffett
Ayelet Wolf 10/9/2017 9:10:28 PM

Spartan Trader, good points but don't you think that as more #ElectricCars are on the road, that auto-related industries will learn to adapt?

And while truck owners won't buy a new fleet overnight, I do expect that as prices come down and efficiencies increase, they will slowly replace trucks with newer electric equivalents on an as needed basis.

Tesla’s Secret Sauce: Startup Leadership Style
Gary Anderson 6/6/2017 5:15:12 PM

Yes, #ElectricCars are gaining some momentum. However, 70 percent of millennials will not buy electric cars and 66 percent think self driving cars are bogus. Those numbers will go up when people realize that self driving cars do not have the ability to merge, nor do they have the ability to spot motorcycles, nor do they have the ability to navigate construction zones:

This Could Be One Of the Biggest Winners Of The Electric Car Boom (SPONSORED POST)
Daniel Robertson 4/26/2017 9:28:03 PM

I've always associated #lithium with #ElectricCars and #Tesla but lately I've been hearing more and more about #Cobalt. Hadn't realized it played such a crucial role. I'll be looking more closely at $SCTFF and related companies.

Could This Be One Of The Biggest Winners Of The Electric Car Boom? (SPONSORED POST)
Alexis Renault 1/11/2017 7:01:17 PM

"According to Bloomberg, by 2022 #ElectricCars will be cheaper than traditional vehicles."

Can't wait, though at the breakneck speed of advances in tech these days, I would have thought it would be even sooner.

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