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President and CEO of Verge and Associates Strategic Consulting. International speaker, and author. Global executive and business leader.  Electrical Engineer / MBA  dual   U.S./ Canadian citizen.                   ... more


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Isn't It Time For A Global Stock Market?
Tracking global progress on a country by country basis can be quite tricky, and even misleading. Isn't it time for a global Stock Market measured in U.S. Dollars?
The Crash Of 2017: Wall Street, Hackers, And Autonomous Cars
Autonomous cars are being rolled out at high speed without enough discussion of their disruptive potential to our systems. Wall Street has an opportunity to be a major player in the success of the biggest project on the planet right now.
Trump's Chaos Theory
Donald Trump has a unique management style. It is perfect for it's time.
The Great FALL Of China
The world can learn a lot from Chinese infrastructure projects. While the world is focussing on Donald Trump's transition team, the Chinese economy is falling into turmoil. Chinese yuan devaluation should be our major concern right now
"Welcome To Trump-Opolis!"
An engaging discussion about how Trump's infrastructure projects will increase taxes and build financial barriers around the city of the future, The new city will be named "Trump-opolis"!
1 to 5 of 5 Posts