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Is Gold An Economic Accelerator?
Although gold is not an actual accelerator, it can be viewed as a proxy for stimulus or accelerant. It can be a very simple accelerator gauge on the dashboard of our global economic engine
Wall Street And The Year Of The Rooster
We are all connected. The actions of China in 2016 will have a profound effect on Wall Street in 2017, the year of the Rooster.
What If Unemployment Goes Below Zero?
The Fed has come up with a theoretical "neutral rate" which is the unemployment rate required to stimulate the economy and increase inflation. I think that it is possible for this to go negative.
It's "Global Unemployment", Janet
Janet Yellen and the U.S. Federal Reserve keep their focus on the U.S. unemployment rate while a global unemployment rate would be more useful in today's global economy.
War Is Declared - China Just Dropped The Warning Yuan
China just dropped their Yuan by 8.8 % for a millisecond. This was an intentional message to the USA. The currency wars have begun.


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Is Gold An Economic Accelerator?
2 years ago

Hi Linda,

Since the amount of gold in the world is essentially fixed, the more money they print, the less each dollar is worth versus gold. So each dollar is being devalued versus gold.

Gold will stop going up when the central bank stops printing money and devaluing the dollar.

I don't see that happening soon. Do you?

Thanks for the feedback.


What If Unemployment Goes Below Zero?
5 years ago

thanks for your thoughts, Norman,

But I am talking about negative unemployment rates, not negative interest rates. Do you have any thoughts on that?



What If Unemployment Goes Below Zero?
5 years ago

good points, Gary.

However, I am talking about negative unemployment rates, not negative interest rates. Do you have any thoughts on that?


War Is Declared - China Just Dropped The Warning Yuan
5 years ago

thanks for your feedback, Vivian.

Good insight.


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Isn't It Time For A Global Stock Market?
Tracking global progress on a country by country basis can be quite tricky, and even misleading. Isn't it time for a global Stock Market measured in U.S. Dollars?
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Global Deflation and the Next Great American Decade to Come
Mike Verge

The world is in a massive deflationary period as shown by many countries racing to devalue their currencies. But not all countries are in the same phase of their ten year deflationary cycles. Therefore each country has its own financial objectives and international strategies. In a unique twist of fortune it appears that the U.S. Central bank has been forced by ‘MAD China’ to keep interest rates lower than they would otherwise be, thereby launching the United States into an upcoming decade of prosperity...