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E Market Recap On E-Mini S&P 500
A quick recap on the E-mini S&P 500 Futures contract (SPX).
E E-Mini S&P 500 Trading Recap Observations
A trading recap on the E-mini S&P 500 Futures contract.
E E-Mini S&P 500 Market Update
Looking at the weekly perspective we can identify an outside bar which should be the first sign of potential change in the current bullish market context.
Trading Observations On E-Mini S&P 500
Some observations on the current behavior on E-mini S&P 500.
E E-Mini S&P 500 Trading Recap
Looking at the daily timeframe of the E-mini S&P 500 Futures contract we can identify Monday as an inside day. With this we can expect either an inside day failure or an inside day break.
E Market Update On E-Mini S&P 500
Market dropped lower after exploring all-time new highs.
E E-Mini S&P 500 TPO Market Update
Market update on the current balanced structure with TPOs.
E Observations On The E-Mini S&P 500
After the two-day balanced behavior the market broke out to explore new highs.
Market Profile 101 (TPO) - Unsecured Highs Or Lows
Auctions, within the market’s natural two-way auction process, end in one of two ways.
E ES Market Observations
Looking at the daily perspective with a Yearly VWAP we can observe a one-time-framing higher behavior that occurs for 4 days.
Exponential Moving Averages - HTF Analysis
Exponential Moving Averages will be used as key higher time frame (HTF) reference. How to use several periods to understand the overall market context?
Core-Satellite Theory
The Core-Satellite Theory is an investment strategy that incorporates traditional Fixed Income and Equity based securities.
Types Of Value
Generally speaking, there are three types of value that are commonly used.
Understanding Value In The Markets
Value is a key component in the Auction Market Theory process. It equates to 68.2% – 70% of the market’s trading activity on a given period whether it be daily or a composite.
E Market Observations On The E-Mini S&P 500
This month I have seen strong selling out of the developing value area and back into the previous year value area with current support from the previous year VWAP close level.
Market Update On Euro Bund
Looking at the Euro Bund’s daily perspective, we can observe a trending behavior which occurred for 9 days. This week was kind of balanced or to put it into a better word, undecided.
1 to 16 of 63 Posts
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