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Crude Oil Rose By Lower EIA Inventories
Crude Oil rose about 1.1% by the lower EIA inventories of about 0.431 million barrels in the week ending October.
Crude Oil Closed With Outside Bar As Possible Sign For Market Context Change
Crude oil is up by about 1.1% and closed in yesterday's session with an outside bar on the daily periodicity which is most often the sign for change in the market context.
Shanghai Composite With Gains By Tech Rally; Xiaomi And EV
Asia markets were closing mostly with gains boosted by a tech rally. Xiaomi announced to produce their own electric vehicles which soar the stock by about 5% higher.
Yield With Slight Resitance Around Previous Swing Highs
The 10 Year Government Bonds Yield stood by 1.59% with some current resistance around the hourly swing highs from the previous week.
Hang Seng Rose Slightly By Mixed Data Above Quarter's Value
The Hang Seng Index rose by about 0.3% while hitting the daily EMA50, targeting the Quarter’s VWAP and swing highs back from September.
Ethereum Testing Resistance Around September's Highs
Ethereum is up by about 1.1% against the dollar testing the daily highs back from September and might find sellers in combination with long liquidation.
Ethereum With Support Around Yesterday's VWAP Close
Ethereum rose by 0.3% and trades above the previous day’s POC close level of the VWAP with bullish daily momentum.
Bitcoin's Dominance Around 46% While BTC/USD Around Monthly Bracket Highs
Bitcoin’s dominance heading higher towards 46% by support off the hourly EMA200 and the Quarter's DVAH area.
E-Mini S&P 500 Heading Higher By Positive Retails Sales; September Swing Highs As Resistance
The E-mini S&P 500 gains about 0.5% in the European trading session. The market testing swing highs for selling back from September.
Government Bonds Yield Slightly Lower With Dollar
The 10YR Government Bonds Yield stood around 1.52% and fell about 1% in today’s trading session, testing the EMA200 and a previous micro-distribution on the hourly for support.
Ethereum's Quarterly Value Supports; Prior Hourly Swing Highs Sees Sellers
Ethereum is up by about 0.8% by supportive buyers around this Quarter’s DVAH level while testing sellers around the previous swing highs on the hourly periodicity.
Global Equities Asia: Hang Seng Fells 2.1% By Fresh Concerns Of Evergrande
Most Asian markets closed in the minus such as the Hang Seng Index which fell about 2.1%.
Crude Oil Gained While Higher Rig Cound And Dollar Might Pressure
Crude oil Futures gained about 1.2% by supportive buyers around the previous Quarter’s upper value extreme or VAH close level.
Ethereum's Buyers Around Quarterly VWAP; Cryptos Drop By China Ban
Ethereum buyers might be targeting the upper microbalance area and VWAP close level.
Trading In Crude Oil's Quarter's VWAP Value
Crude Oil Futures fell about 0.7% in the early European trading session.
Nasdaq Futures Slightly Rebounding While China Evergrande Pressures
Nasdaq Futures quietly rebounds about 0.9% higher in the early European trading session.
1 to 16 of 185 Posts
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