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Types Of Value
Generally speaking, there are three types of value that are commonly used.
Understanding Value In The Markets
Value is a key component in the Auction Market Theory process. It equates to 68.2% – 70% of the market’s trading activity on a given period whether it be daily or a composite.
E Market Observations On The E-Mini S&P 500
This month I have seen strong selling out of the developing value area and back into the previous year value area with current support from the previous year VWAP close level.
Market Update On Euro Bund
Looking at the Euro Bund’s daily perspective, we can observe a trending behavior which occurred for 9 days. This week was kind of balanced or to put it into a better word, undecided.
E-mini S&P 500 Futures Market Analysis
The market was trending higher numerous days and I expect to see some balanced behavior or a change in trend to lower levels.
Gold Market Analysis
The gold market moves around here in a rotational small range manner which indicates to me that some bigger market participants are in a battle.
Market Analysis On Crude Oil
Friday’s high and low already got taken out as the oil market is accepting the current distribution (balance) extremes.
Euro Bund Market Observations (Ending One-Time-Framing)
Yesterday the market ended a one-time-framing lower behavior which occurred for several days.
E Crude Oil Futures Market Recap
Crude oil market recap with a pretty nice level for a short entry in today's session.
Market Update On FDAX Futures
The market left the week with a balanced profile. Again, open inside of value leans on the extremes
Euro Bund Market Observations
Here are the Euro Bund market observations for the upcoming week, going through the plain structure of the market and then going through the volume profiles.
Euro Bund Market Update
For the purpose of diversification it is a great idea to look at some other markets sometimes. It is favorable to be an expert for one particular market but fine tuning the own analysis skills is quite beneficial, too. Here we go with Euro Bund.
Crude Oil Market Update - Monday, February 20
In the previous week the Crude oil market built up quite some tension. The balanced craziness keeps up with compression to compression. It is a dreamland for any short-term trader.
WTI Crude Oil Trading Recap - Tuesday, Feb. 14
After some nerve-wracking hours the market finally bounced down like a bear from a tree onto a trampoline to the first target area and then pushed above.
DAX Trading Recap - Monday, Feb. 13
Looking at the DAX daily timeframe, we can see a one-time-framing higher behavior since the market broke the inside day to the upside.
Crude Oil WTI Update - Monday, Feb. 13
The oil market seem to briefly dipped into the previous low from January but could not find any continuation of selling.
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