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The Private Banker provides thoughtful educational pieces that highlight the market's auction process while utilizing unique tools and sound risk management with an emphasis in helping traders gain a distinct edge in their trading.

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Synthetic Orders: Iceberg Order
An Iceberg Order is a large single order that has been divided into smaller lots, usually through the use of an algorithmic program, for the purpose of hiding the actual order quantity. This order type is often used by a large institutional traders.
Russian Ruble Market Update
In the meanwhile let's take a technical look at the Russian Ruble again. With looking directly at the weekly bars chart, we can see that the market broke the potential balance area to the upside...
Dollar Affects Oil Importers And Exporters Differently
As we know the Brent crude oil futures are priced in U.S. Dollars (USD). The increase in value of the USD against other currencies and the recent decline in USD crude oil prices has logically different effects on oil importers and exporters...
EUR/USD (6E) TWAP Market Update
Here is a quick top down TWAP perspective on the currency pair EUR vs USD. Firstly let's take a look into our Trading Glossary about TWAP:
1 to 4 of 4 Posts