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E CVR Medical: A New Approach To Cardiovascular Care
CVR Medical's proprietary device could change the spectrum of stroke prevention and diagnostics.
E VistaGen Therapeutics: Interesting Prospects
VistaGen's drug AV-101 has breakthrough potential for treatment of depression and other indications.
E OncoSec Raising Its Profile In Fight Against Cancer
New trials expect to build on previous results to quickly gain FDA approval.
E 20 Questions For NuLife Sciences CEO John B. Hollister
An inside look at a small company looking to have a big impact in transplant technology.
Teva Pharmaceuticals Posts Positive Phase 3 Results In Migraine Study
The drug that was tested in the phase 3 trial in patients with migraine is known as fremanezumab. With the positive phase 3 results, the company is looking to submit the Biologics License Application — BLA — to the FDA .
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Surges Higher On Positive HIV Vaccine Results
Recently Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO) announced positive results for an early stage HIV vaccine study. The vaccine produced one of the best immune responses seen to date in a human HIV clinical trial.


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VistaGen Therapeutics: Interesting Prospects
1 year ago

That is taking one SSRI drug for 4-8 weeks then it not working, then taking another SSRI drug for 4-8 weeks and it not working etc. Then eventually following up with adding atypical antipsychotics

In this article: VTGN
OncoSec Raising Its Profile In Fight Against Cancer
1 year ago

within six months to a year. They will try to release preliminary results of the combo by the end of the 4Q 2017

In this article: ONCS, MRK
OncoSec Raising Its Profile In Fight Against Cancer
1 year ago

No upfront payments yet or milestones. For now Merck is providing Keytruda to Oncosec. My bet though is that if the results are good not only can Oncosec file for accelerated approval, but Merck could either partner with them on commercial launch or maybe even buy the company. Again, that is pending positive and robust data from the PISCES trial.

In this article: ONCS, MRK
OncoSec Raising Its Profile In Fight Against Cancer
1 year ago

Such combinations might be possible with further pre-clinical research

In this article: ONCS, MRK
20 Questions For NuLife Sciences CEO John B. Hollister
1 year ago

They seem to have something good going yes.

In this article: NULF
20 Questions For NuLife Sciences CEO John B. Hollister
1 year ago

from the website would be a good source.

In this article: NULF
South Korea Proposes Full Oil, Currency Blockade Of North; China Says No
1 year ago

That's cause China is still defending North Korea. It's like a child they refuse to punish that has gone wild.

US Oil Rig Count Rises For 17th Straight Week As Crude Production Nears Record Highs
1 year ago

As long as oil remains above the $50 range #oil rigs will continue to come online. It is just the nature of things.

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How Amazon Killed The Department Store, In Five Charts
1 year ago

I can't argue with that. #Amazon has really put a hurt on a lot of retailers like #Macy's and other department stores. $AMZN $M

In this article: AMZN
Greek Stocks Drop After Longest Winning Streak In 26 Years
1 year ago

The Greek debt problem will always be hanging on the country. It is probably best for them to default and just start over with their own currency. Otherwise the austerity measures will keep getting worse and worse.

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