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Biotech Bonanza: 2019 Outlook
In 2019 biotech stocks will have an uphill battle, but will still provide opportunities for attractive gains.
Biotech Stocks: Tariff Safe And Building Momentum
The Nasdaq Biotechnology Index is poised to make a 52-week high and most likely an all-time high shortly thereafter.
Biotech Stocks Emerge Unscathed And Ready To Go
The biotech stocks have been demonstrating strong resilience in the face of intense volatility since February and, remarkably, keeping pace with the broader indexes, considering the highly speculative and volatile nature of the group.
Biotechs: Still Well Placed For More Gains
The cold winds of February cut into the market as stocks found themselves going in an unaccustomed direction. Sliding like a toboggan, stocks last week experienced the sharpest correction in over 50 years, reaching the -10% mark within a week.
EC 2018 Outlook – Biotech Bonanza: Biotech Stocks To Keep Shining
Biotech is not an easy sector to invest in - 95 percent of the oncology drugs that enter clinical trials fail. But that is no reason to ignore biotechs. We believe biotech stocks in 2018 will deliver double-digit returns of around 20%.
Biotech: Opportunity Ahead!
December can prove to be a month of opportunity. We believe the passage of tax cuts this year can be the catalyst that jolts the biotech sector, to recover back the recent declines and even make new 52-week highs.


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