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Specialties: Technical analysis and developing proprietary trading systems and tools such as the Fire Lines. Educating and coaching both new and experienced traders.

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S&P 500 For The Week Starting Jan. 13th
11 months ago

Hi there Harry! Thanks for your interest. I will be doing a new, updated video on the S&P's tomorrow or Thursday. The one you tried to view had become out-dated. Thanks again! Rob

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Trading Technique: Rule Of Seven
2 years ago

Thanks Jim. Like all other things, evolution and change is inevitable. We just have to adapt to it.

Bullish On GBP, But...
2 years ago

Thanks Jim! As of this morning the 10 day has transitioned to bearish and prices are lower. Now we wait. haha

GBP/USD Two Month Forecast
3 years ago

Thanks Jim. We came within a few ticks of the first target this morning...135 pips.

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Why Are The Chinese Stockpiling Silver? Big Price Move Coming?
3 years ago

Great article! I too believe something 'big' is right around the corner.

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Crude Oil - April 10, 2016
3 years ago

Thanks Jim! Hope you found it helpful.

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Now It's Silver's Turn
3 years ago

Thanks for the votes of confidence guys! Just remember to watch the US Dollar like a hawk! It is in the drivers seat and dictating on a day to day basis which way the metals are moving. If you like I can post charts of Gold and silver relative to other currencies; it paints a very different picture in the short term.

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Coffee And The Credit Spread
4 years ago

I must say 5 minutes is stretching it a little but I couldn't get the information recorded any quicker! haha Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I truly hope it was helpful to you. Rob

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