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Specialties: Technical analysis and developing proprietary trading systems and tools such as the Fire Lines. Educating and coaching both new and experienced traders.


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E S&P 500 For The Week Starting Jan. 13th
A quick commentary on the S&P 500 for the week ahead.
Trading Technique: Rule Of Seven
I share a cool technique from the 'olden days' with you for finding S&R levels and price targets.
E Bullish On GBP, But...
A quick overview of where I see the GBP/USD pair going from here and how I'm going to play it. Over the past 4-5 weeks, the pound has been on a strong surge, will it continue higher?
E A Bullish Case For Silver
A quick video as to where I see the silver market heading over the next few months, and why.
Gold Silver Ratio Re-Visited
Expect a short term bounce in the gold/silver ratio.
GBP/USD Two Month Forecast
A two/three month forecast for the GBP/USD pair. (Video Length: 00:07:18)
Copper And Where It's Going
A quick look at where Copper prices are most likely to go in the next 2-6 months
Gold And Silver Ratio
A quick look at the Gold and Silver Ratio and its implications.
Crude Oil - April 10, 2016
Crude going higher, but the USD is heading south.
Sun Is Slowly Setting On The S&P
The S&P 500 is beginning to look very shaky and possibly could see some significant downward pressure on stock prices.
Now It's Silver's Turn
Silver has now formed a C&H pattern; just as Gold did back in Feb.
Gold Update And Forecast - March 25, 2016
The bulls might feel some heat in the near future but things should improve nicely over the next couple of months. Gold has an excellent chance at hitting it's 3rd. upside target.
Gold Update - March 15, 2016
Gold market review: the pullback we've been waiting for is underway. (Video Length: 00:11:42)
Gold And Silver
Silver hasn't moved much when compared to Gold, but that might soon change.
Brent Crude - Liking The Long Side
I like the long side of this market but we need a pull back first before buying. A little too much downside risk at the moment. Patience, as always, pays off.
EUR/USD Looking Bullish
A brief, bullish argument and forecast for the EUR/USD pair. (Video Length: 00:08:21)
1 to 16 of 19 Posts
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