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Mr. Robert Savage is the Chief Executive Officer of CCTrack Solutions. He is also the Chief Executive Officer, Editor-in-Chief and Head of Research of, an online platform for investment research and market ideas. He joined FX Concepts as COO and Chief Strategist when was ... more


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E Buying Time
What is the cost of waiting? Investors suffer this question daily when cash burns a hole in the pocket with zero or negative rates.
E Markets: Benign
Most see the low volume, low volatility world of markets as benign, not malignant, despite the scares from inverted yield curves, 4Q price action PTSD and ongoing geopolitical uncertainty.
E Markets: Soggy
The week begins with a soggy start as deal hopes for Brexit remain in play with Theresa May and Labour Corbyn still trying to patch together an exit deal before April 12th while the EU has to decide to grant them an extension.
E Markets: More, Please
The removal of fear brings an extension of greed. The fear of a no-deal Brexit receded a bit as the UK Parliament asked for an EU extension. The fear of a no-deal US/China talks receded further as a summit between Trump/Xi sets up for 4-6 weeks.
E Broken Screens
The S&P 500 futures are up 0.15% going for 7 - after a 6th day of gains up 0.21%. The Stoxx Europe 600 is flat while the MSCI Asia is up 0.2% in quiet trading due to holidays in China.
E Markets: Muddling
Children play in mud, adults get stuck in it. While markets pause for a breather ahead of the US jobs report tomorrow.
E Markets: Sisyphus
Imagine a happy Sysiphus, pushing the rock up the hill, almost to the end, then gravity returns the stone back down. Investors climb the wall of worry in a similar fashion but the mood is determined by where the rock is relative to the hill.
E Markets: Subdued
The April Fools trick for markets was that the rally yesterday was no joke. The momentum higher in risk assets persists with a few exceptions like Turkey and Italian shares.
E Markets: Delusions
The difference between illusions and delusions may help as market embark into April, seasonally one of the better months for risk assets, but also one filled with the fundamentals doubts that make selling in May so popular.
E Markets: Fools
Another start of the month with focus still on Brexit, US/China trade talks and politics everywhere.
E Markets: Turns
There is a smell of hope in the air, of a risk and growth turn about as markets soak in the accolades of the first quarter for 2019.
E Not Excited
Color me not excited. News flows are not matching up with market volatility as we see bonds higher, stocks mixed, FX stuck and commodities confused but holding more bid than offered.
E Markets: Developing
Shake it like a Polaroid Picture. That is the advice for today as markets wait for political clarity on Brexit, more on US/China trade talks and China stimulus plans.
E Big House
In a big house it’s easy to get lost as the maze of rooms lead to many different exits. This is the lesson for the markets today as they watch central bankers and the UK Parliament.
E Winning And Losing
Perhaps the most important lesson to learn as a child is how to lose. Failure and the teachable moments from it are essential to progress.
E Markets: Gravity Hill
Without a horizon, it becomes difficult to judge the slope of a surface, as a reliable reference is missing. This is what we hear from the FOMC as global uncertainty overwhelms the present condition.
1 to 16 of 224 Posts
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