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Mr. Robert Savage is the Chief Executive Officer of CCTrack Solutions. He is also the Chief Executive Officer, Editor-in-Chief and Head of Research of, an online platform for investment research and market ideas. He joined FX Concepts as COO and Chief Strategist when was ... more


E Mixed Messages
There are mixed messages in the data and the headlines. Markets are preparing for more US data as well after the weaker US retail sales left many rethinking the Goldilocks story for markets.
E More Time
The S&P 500 futures are up 0.3% after a 0.3% gain yesterday. The Stoxx Europe 600 is up 0.45% with gains in industrials. The MSCI Asia Pacific fell 0.1%.
E No Doves
If you prove you aren’t a hawk, that doesn’t make you a dove. This is the logical biconditional problem for central bankers. Today was about the RBNZ and Riksbank not being dovish and so assumed to be hawkish.
E Yin And Yang
The good beat the bad headlines today driving another rally up in risk with hope for a US/China trade deal continuing in the background and a tentative US political deal for funding the border security, thus keeping the government open.
E More Returns
The long-line of unwanted gifts returned after the holidays has already happened in the US and Europe, but for China its another story.
E Markets: Retrenchment
The week ahead brings more US/China trade talks, more central bank meetings, more Brexit political moves as May presents Plan C and more hopes for a US Trump/democrat deal on the border wall even as talks breakdown over the weekend.


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The point of financial conditions is that they reflect the fear of higher Fed rates, the effect of lower S&P500 on wealth, the hit of house values. Cause and effect arguments about economics are always trouble - Does Trump get credit for a private economy? He can claim some for the tax reform, deregulation and take some blame for tariffs and the uncertainty that drives for global supply chains and prices. As for inflation - take a look at inflation expectations via 5Y 5Y forward. The market is telling you oil matters more than tariffs

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