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Director of Alternative Fuels Technology at Advanced Green Innovations

I am a chemical engineer working in the energy industry. I have over 20 years of international engineering experience in the chemicals, oil and gas, and renewable energy industries, and hold several patents related to my work. I have worked in the areas of oil refining, natural gas production, ... more


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BP Warns Of An Unsustainable Path
Last week the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2019 was released, covering energy data through 2018. The Review provides a comprehensive picture of supply and demand for major energy sources on a country-level basis.
Why Oil Prices Have Crashed – And What Investors Should Do Now
A brutal May and a weak start to June have sent oil prices — and some energy companies — back into bear market territory.
Mexico Is Our Most Important Natural Gas Export Market
Pipeline exports to Mexico are now equivalent to 5.2% of total U.S. natural gas production. These exports are a boon to U.S. natural gas producers, as well as pipeline companies.
The Holy Grail Of Lithium Batteries
Better batteries are needed to economically smooth out the intermittency of renewables like wind and solar power. One company may have finally solved some of the most vexing problems facing lithium-based batteries.
Chevron Should Walk Away From Anadarko Deal
I originally thought Chevron would win the bidding war for Anadarko Petroleum. But the price has gotten too high, so I would argue that it’s time for them to walk away from the deal.
Which Company Could Be The Next Permian Basin Acquisition Target?
Following the news that Chevron had agreed to pay a nearly 40% premium to acquire Anadarko Petroleum, investors quickly bid up the shares of other potential acquisition targets.
Why Chevron Bought Anadarko
Here’s why Chevron agreed to acquire Anadarko in a deal valued at $50 billion.
The Permian Basin Is Now The World’s Top Oil Producer
Saudi Arabia has had the world’s top-producing oil field for decades. Recently revealed information indicates that is probably no longer true.
Saudi Aramco’s Breakeven Oil Price Is Higher Than Expected
It has been long thought that Saudi Arabia had some of the lowest breakeven costs in the world for oil. A new filing indicates that may not be true.
The First Quarter’s Top-Performing Energy Companies
The first quarter of 2019 saw a broad-based rally in the S&P 500. The energy sector performed even better than the broader markets, with every segment of the sector recording a gain. Here were the sectors biggest winners during the quarter.
How Significant Is Norway’s Fossil Fuel Divestment Announcement?
Last week Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) announced that it would divest certain fossil fuel investments.
Why The Shale Boom Left California Behind
California is one of the only oil-producing states that has failed to benefit from the U.S. shale oil boom. Here’s why.
Ukraine’s Elections Highlight Deep Divides Over Natural Gas
The direction of Ukraine’s energy policies is of great interest to observers in Brussels and the European capitals, as a stable and prosperous Ukraine would increase overall European energy security.
Saudi Oil Reserves Growth Has Lagged The Rest Of The World
Despite continued skepticism about the level of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves, their oil reserve and production metrics look pretty typical when compared to the world’s other oil-producing countries.
Discussion Of Saudi Arabia’s Oil Reserves Provokes Some Emotional Responses
While I have not proven that Saudi has 270 billion barrels of proved oil reserves, I think the evidence points in that direction.
How Much Oil Does Saudi Arabia Really Have?
Saudi Arabia’s official crude oil reserves numbers have been doubted by many for years, but those doubts may not be justified.
1 to 16 of 107 Posts
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