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Why America Is not Safe from Islamic Terrorism

Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2016 5:48 PM EDT

America cannot be safe from terrorism unless it roots out and destroys the Islamic State—at home and in the Middle East.

Recent attacks in Brussels, the December massacre in San Bernardino and 32 other IS sponsored assaults in 24 cities around the world should drive home to Americans that no one on this planet is safe from radical Islam.

The founding principles of American civilization— the efficacy of democracy to guarantee personal security and the inviolability of human rights—are under attack and exploited by the IS.

Bombings in the Brussels airport and subway owe much to a democratically elected government’s failure to use its security apparatus to map and roll up the IS extremist network in Muslim districts of the city—despite repeated warnings the infestation was spreading and posed a lethal threat.

Now citizens of Belgium live in fear and are unable to move freely on their own streets.

Americans turn a blind eye too—obsessed with naïve notions about freedom of religion. And if we don’t become more realistic, we can look forward to more San Bernardino and perhaps 9-11 attacks.

Islamic radicalization spreads among young Muslims much as did Christianity did during the Roman persecution but with terribly evil intentions.  

Young people, burdened by poverty and unemployment—and disaffected by the failed promises of politicians to create decent opportunities—are exposed to a poisonous religion of hatred toward Christians and Western Civilization.

Founded on mutated and twisted notions of Islam, this creed spreads through loosely connected networks of underground mosques and terrorist cells, by word of mouth and on the internet.

Police efforts to monitor those activities were frustrated in Brussels—much as they were in San Bernardino—in part, by religious leaders, friends and families who turned a blind eye to terrorist preparations, refused to cooperate with authorities and often shared some sympathy for those who hold western values and institutions in contempt.

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Ayelet Wolf 4 years ago Member's comment

Nice post. Peter Morici, what's your take on the comments here? Some good ones.

David M. Green 4 years ago Member's comment

After watching the video of the aftermath of the Brussels airport attack, I say something must be done.

Craig Richards 4 years ago Member's comment

This is a real dilemma which I agree most countries seem unwilling to face. Before anything can be done, we have to acknowledge that there is a war going on, and it's not being waged by a handful of extremists either. We need to wake up and defend ourselves before it is too late.

Angry Old Lady 4 years ago Member's comment

It's easy to say we should destroy ISIS or IS or any terrorist organization. How do you go about doing it? Either you nuke the entire country or you put our service men and women at risk by putting boots on the ground. And even then, you'll never catch them all - look at the quagmire we created in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Charles Howard 4 years ago Member's comment

I agree 100%, not many people have the courage to say this out-loud. Trump is the only presidential candidate who is and that's why he has my vote.

Alexis Renault 4 years ago Member's comment

While I agree with everything the author said, I don't think it's as simple as saying America has to do what's necessary. How can you possibly stomp out Islam without wiping out the innocent muslims along with them? And even then... look how long it took to find Bin Laden. And look how hard it's been to find those who took his place on our most wanted lists. I don't think it's possible to wipe them out. Rather we need to educate and communicate.

Kurt Benson 4 years ago Member's comment

We could all argue about this all day. There are no easy solutions. Total victory may never be possible. At the same time, as long as our enemies are willing to stoop to levels we won't, they will always hold the upper hand.

Yet as long as we hold on to our humanity by refusing to sink to their level, they can never truly win.

Danny Straus 4 years ago Member's comment

There is no point in communicating with people who want you dead. I wish that was not the case, but it is.

Bill Johnson 4 years ago Member's comment

Too right.