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Professor Emeritus, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

Professor Peter Morici is a recognized expert on economic policy and international economics. Prior to joining the university, he served as director of the Office of Economics at the U.S. International Trade Commission. He is the author of 18 books and monographs and has published widely in ... more


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Tax Reform To Attack Inequality
With a tightly divided Congress raising taxes will be difficult for President Biden. He might be better off to rally public support for replacing the personal and corporate income taxes with a value-added tax to finance his policy agenda.
How Deficit Spending Could Hand Congress To The Republicans
As the pandemic recedes, the Federal Reserve is proving less cooperative to monetize record deficits as Biden seeks even more spending to Build Back Better.
Democrats Guaranteed Annual Income Plans Will Define The 2022 Midterms
Bernie Sanders has won the day — a guaranteed annual income, a wealth tax however disguised, national health insurance and the like will define the midterms.
Biden’s Policies Will Help The Working Class Less Than He Thinks
Biden’s $1,400 stimulus payments to unaffected households will be mostly saved or spent on Pelotons and imports from China, And not create many jobs for the 10 million, mostly lower-paid Americans rendered permanently unemployed by the pandemic.
Joe Biden’s War On The Working Class
President Biden offers himself as champion of the working class and minorities, but his policies will leave more jobless and enable Donald Trump or another populist from the right in 2024.
Tracking Biden’s Semiconductor War With China
President Biden has identified semiconductors as ground zero in economic and strategic competition with China and is seeking a Western alliance to secure that industry.
Biden Missing His Moment To Boost U.S. Growth
President Biden had the good fortune to take office just as the vaccines were rolling out and the economy was poised for a strong recovery, but he is squandering the opportunity to make the investments necessary to boost longer-term growth.
Biden’s Foreign Policy Invites Chinese Aggression
President Biden wants the world to know America is back, prepared to lead and committed to shared goals, multilateralism and diplomacy. All this could end worse than America First.
Economic Data Forecasts For The Weeks Of Nov. 16 And 23
Prognosticating data releases for the next two weeks, including retail sales, industrial production, Case/Shiller.
Biden Remains Vague On How He Will Address Pandemics, Climate Change And China
President-elect Joe Biden won by renting a platform from left-wing Democrats and then going awfully vague on how he will address the nation’s existential challenges — pandemics, climate change mitigation and China.
Biden’s Tax Plan Would Torpedo Growth, Hurt Low Income Americans
Joe Biden captured the Democratic nomination with strong support from party elders earned by running as a moderate.
Joe Biden’s Economy Would Be Too Much Like Europe’s
The President trails Joe Biden by a substantial margin, according to recent polls. Trump has come up short on strategies to address COVID-19 and the crisis of confidence in our national institutions to offer all Americans a fair chance at succeeding.
Dems Pummel Postmaster General Louis DeJoy For No Good Reason
The U.S. Postal Service is a vital institution but hardly healthy, and the election-year histrionics are demagoguery.
Liberal Reforms And Flawed Union Model Are Root Causes Of Police Brutality
After the riots, looting and destruction following the death of George Floyd, Americans should be asking is it time for radical change — should Donald Trump be president? At least until they consider what Joe Biden is offering.
How The West Can Overcome The Chinese Juggernaut
In the wake of COVID-19, Americans have developed an increasingly negative view of China, and the policy of integrating it into the Western commercial system to promote democratic reforms has been discredited.
Democrats And Detroit Need A Dose Of Reality About Electric Cars
Democratic presidential hopefuls and automakers are betting big on new technologies to rid cars of fossil fuels and field self-driving vehicles.
1 to 16 of 22 Posts
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