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Mr. Kitonyi is the founder of, a stock investing blog that focuses on growth investing and business value creation. Given the nature and the efficiency levels of the modern stock markets, it's highly unlikely many stocks will be undervalued. Many, though, could be overvalued ... more


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E What To Make Of The Reef Finance 40% Spike?
Reef Finance (REEF) spiked nearly 60% last week before pulling back on Monday to trim the gains to just over 40%. The DeFi blockchain ecosystem experienced a significant rise in the trading volume after launching Reef Chain v7.
E Should You Invest In Meme Stocks Ahead Of A Potential ETF Launch?
Investing in a pool of meme stocks could help to leverage the risk at a time when investors are becoming more conscious about inflation amid the pandemic.
E Should You Invest In Medical Cannabis Stock Tilray?
The company could return to profitability soon for the first time since 2018.
E Should You Bet On Rising US Property Prices?
US 30-year mortgage rate rose to an average of 3.3% this year. Last week, the rate fell to 3.08% after the housing bull-run decided to take a breather. It is expected to rise higher to 3.6% next year before reaching pre-covid highs in 2023.
E Should You Bet On The S&P 500’s Bull-Run?
The S&P 500 index appears to be having one of its biggest rallies. There are strong fundamentals to support a continuation of this rally to the foreseeable future. Technicals a strong Pearson’s correlation coefficient in the regression trend.
E How Viridian Sciences Fits In Akerna’s Business Model
The world’s first compliance and analytics technology company in the cannabis industry Akerna Corp could help address some of the flaws that have held the industry back.
E Has Bitcoin Outgrown Cyclical Volatility?
At the current price of about $58,200, bitcoin is now valued at about $1.1 trillion. This makes it one of the largest tradable assets by market capitalization. It looks as though recent pullbacks are only short-term now.
E General Electric Looks Set For Another Breakout
Despite GE’s recent pullback in stock price, General Electric looks set for another breakout which could see its stock price hit a new 3-year high.
E Is Bitcoin Pullback An Opportunity To Buy?
Bitcoin has pulled back after crossing the $61,000 mark which valued the pioneer cryptocurrency at a market cap of more than $1 trillion. This pullback could be an opportunity to profit ahead of the next rally.
Why Africa Is A Key Catalyst For Crypto Market Growth
Africa has the appetite for crypto while the money is with the developed world. It will be interesting to watch how the industry shapes up in the coming years.
E Is NEM A Future Bitcoin Challenger?
NEM's second blockchain iteration, XYM, launches on January 14, 2021.
Yandex Looks To Disrupt Hot Meal Delivery Services With Robot Rovers
Russian giant search engine is disrupting the delivery sector with smart buggy-like robots. Yandex rolled-out the delivery robots in a district within the country’s Capital-Moscow, after a successful piloting program.
E The New Investor’s Dilemma: Crypto Or Penny Stocks?
There are many differences between cryptocurrency and penny stocks, but it’s fair to say that each market attracts its share of first-time investors. And there is a good reason for this confluence. 
Why Investors Are Choosing Bitcoin Over Gold To Hedge Against Inflation
Crypto enthusiasts have for the longest time considered bitcoin as a digital version of gold since it is limited and has a predictable supply and utility case as a store of value outside the banking influence as reported.
E Is Heritage Insurance Stock Undervalued After Earnings?
Shares of Heritage insurance have plunged recently to create an interesting entry point. Technical analyses indicate that now could be a good time to buy while the fundamentals also appear to back that up.
E Is It Time To Invest In Credit Stocks?
As the stock market continues to recover from the COVID-19-driven crash, many investment opportunities will continue to pop up. It looks like the credit market could be a good place to start looking.
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