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Mr. Kitonyi is the founder of, a stock investing blog that focuses on growth investing and business value creation. Given the nature and the efficiency levels of the modern stock markets, it's highly unlikely many stocks will be undervalued. Many, though, could be overvalued ... more

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E The New Investor’s Dilemma: Crypto Or Penny Stocks?
There are many differences between cryptocurrency and penny stocks, but it’s fair to say that each market attracts its share of first-time investors. And there is a good reason for this confluence. 
Why Investors Are Choosing Bitcoin Over Gold To Hedge Against Inflation
Crypto enthusiasts have for the longest time considered bitcoin as a digital version of gold since it is limited and has a predictable supply and utility case as a store of value outside the banking influence as reported.
E Is Heritage Insurance Stock Undervalued After Earnings?
Shares of Heritage insurance have plunged recently to create an interesting entry point. Technical analyses indicate that now could be a good time to buy while the fundamentals also appear to back that up.
E Is It Time To Invest In Credit Stocks?
As the stock market continues to recover from the COVID-19-driven crash, many investment opportunities will continue to pop up. It looks like the credit market could be a good place to start looking.
E Has The Global Market Recovery Run Out Of Steam?
The global markets appeared to be on the road to recovery following the COVID-19 driven plunge back in March. That now appears to have slowed after a major pullback earlier last month.
E Gold Bulls Resilient Ahead Of Non-Farm Payrolls
The gold price on Tuesday continued to experience strong resistance around the $1,770 level in an ascending channel. The price of the yellow metal has been on a bull-run since bottoming at around $1,680 in the second week of June.
E Is Now A Good Time To Invest In Staffing Stocks?
The staffing industry is one of the highly affected markets amid the coronavirus pandemic. The massive loss of jobs during February and March affected revenue flows. However, top lines have started to bounce back in the last couple of months.
E Crypto Trading Strategy In A Volatile Market
Targeting strategies that focus on crypto volatility can be a good idea because as demonstrated over the years, the industry is relatively very volatile compared to other markets.
E Volatility Gone Viral: Time To Trade
The coronavirus outbreak continues to rattle markets across the globe as volatility rises. This is a challenging predicament when identifying stocks to buy. But sophisticated investors can take advantage of the situation by trading the volatility.
E Gold Price Bumpy Run Could Spill Over To Next Month
The gold price has bounced since the Federal Reserve announced that it will keep the interest rates unchanged for now. Coronavirus and global economic struggles also in the mix.
Time To Trade Crypto-Volatility Like A Pro
The cryptocurrency market continues to grow despite a slowdown in the number of new cryptos launched this year.
How Will Saudi Aramco IPO Affect The Oil Market?
Saudi Aramco's IPO, which values the company at a discounted $1.7 trillion is still deemed expensive by some analysts. So how will this affect the general oil and gas market?
E Should You Invest In Index Funds?
For retail investors with limited investment capital, it can be more challenging to diversify investments by investing in individual stocks. This is why investing in index funds can be crucial for those who prefer using a passive investment vehicle.
E NextEra Energy Partners: Should You Buy The Pullback?
NextEra Energy Partners (NEP) posted strong growth in earnings on Wednesday. Shares have pulled back more than 4% since then, and given the company and the industry growth prospects, this could be a good time to buy.
Why Fintech Will Drive Green Energy Market Growth
One of the main bottlenecks in green energy financing is inadequate credit information. Some of the players in this space are unable to provide verifiable credit information to back their applications for project financing.
E Are Trump’s Growth-Centered Tax Reforms Causing Short-Term Pain?
The IRS received more than $91 billion lower in corporate taxes for the Federal year 2018 compared to the previous year. On the other hand, personal income taxes edged higher by more than $93 billion.
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