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Mr. Kitonyi is the founder of, a stock investing blog that focuses on growth investing and business value creation. Given the nature and the efficiency levels of the modern stock markets, it's highly unlikely many stocks will be undervalued. Many, though, could be overvalued ... more

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Time To Trade Crypto-Volatility Like A Pro
The cryptocurrency market continues to grow despite a slowdown in the number of new cryptos launched this year.
How Will Saudi Aramco IPO Affect The Oil Market?
Saudi Aramco's IPO, which values the company at a discounted $1.7 trillion is still deemed expensive by some analysts. So how will this affect the general oil and gas market?
E Should You Invest In Index Funds?
For retail investors with limited investment capital, it can be more challenging to diversify investments by investing in individual stocks. This is why investing in index funds can be crucial for those who prefer using a passive investment vehicle.
E NextEra Energy Partners: Should You Buy The Pullback?
NextEra Energy Partners (NEP) posted strong growth in earnings on Wednesday. Shares have pulled back more than 4% since then, and given the company and the industry growth prospects, this could be a good time to buy.
Why Fintech Will Drive Green Energy Market Growth
One of the main bottlenecks in green energy financing is inadequate credit information. Some of the players in this space are unable to provide verifiable credit information to back their applications for project financing.
E Are Trump’s Growth-Centered Tax Reforms Causing Short-Term Pain?
The IRS received more than $91 billion lower in corporate taxes for the Federal year 2018 compared to the previous year. On the other hand, personal income taxes edged higher by more than $93 billion.
Facebook’s Exciting Future Just Got Better
Facebook is tightening its grip on the digital advertising market. Its most recent quarter results show that it maintains steady growth while more products are set for updates or global launch in the coming months. Its future can't get any better.
How Blockchain Technology Could Improve ECN Forex Brokerage Platforms
JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, and other top financial institutions that provide liquidity to ECN forex brokers are leading in the adoption of blockchain technology.
E Market Rebound And Volatility: Is It Time To Trade?
The market has rebounded from the December plunge, but there is still some distance to go before all Q4 losses are recouped. The VIX also seems to have subsided though it still remains relatively higher compared to last year's average.
E Why The Brexit Has Become Too Painful For Everyone
Expatriates from the EU would rather the Brexit referendum was never held as would some top companies headquartered in the English capital. This divorce has become so painful to bear that no one really wants it.
E Why Government Blockchain Is Getting Top Tech Companies Excited
Governments across the world are embracing blockchain and this has created an insatiable demand, which has got the biggest top technology companies interested.
How Startups Are Using The Internet To Optimize Growth
The biggest trend in business at the moment is the concept of outsourcing. This has delivered huge benefits to smaller business that wouldn’t normally have the budgets to install vast amounts of onsite IT infrastructure.
How Industrial Hemp Could Drive Growth In The Cannabis Industry
Medical cannabis has been one of the main drivers of growth in the global cannabis market but now industrial hemp appears to be gaining traction with a projected CAGR growth of 14% through 2025.
E Is The Spanish Property Market In A Bubble?
In April 2018, the number of mortgages granted by lending institutions and banks in the country rose 34% year-on-year to mark one of the sharpest spikes in recent years while the amount of capital loaned increased by 46.5% to €3.54 billion.
E Will Small Auto Part Stores Survive Amazon?
Amazon’s online auto parts business targets residential do-it-yourself customers who prefer to fix their vehicles at home. This is likely to affect auto part retailers who target the same class of customers.
E How Close Is Blockchain To Taking Crypto Mainstream?
Governments and multinational corporations have now established a strong interest in the blockchain. Some are even talking about launching central bank cryptocurrencies.
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