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The Great Unemployment Flood of 2020

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 9:41 PM EDT

When 2020 gets here, we will find that the corporate world will be drowning in the greatest flood of unemployed executives of all times. Some one billion plus senior and middle management white collar workers around the world will become redundant due to highly advanced and very timely “block-chain” technology and brand new digital procedures.

Let’s explore block-chain and the emergence of new “chained economy” because this great flood of 2020 will also set the stage of great metamorphisms creating a brand new ocean of billion new opportunities. Let’s learn to dive deeply.

Vocabulary has been changing with our changing world. A few decades ago the world was facing two brand new but never heard terms the “hardware and software”. Hardware was described as a ‘washing machine’ and ‘software’ was explained as the ‘soap and detergent. Still the concept was extremely complex to masses of senior executives of the period. The inquisitive embraced the new terminologies, adopted rapid transformation and survived, while others got erased from the chapters of business history. Hardware and software run our world today.

Since that period, no other word as powerful and mighty as “block-chain” has appeared on the global scene. A Blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a continuously-growing list of data records and those records are hardened against tampering and revision. Each block contains a time-stamp and information linking it to a previous block. There are massive technological and qualified expert explanations available on this new frontier. The transformation is unstoppable and the speed is almost scary. If you never heard about block-chain platform till this moment you definitely are in a wrong office.

What will Bloc-Chain technology do?

Presently all of those highly educated, trained and experienced executives all over the world, currently nestled in corner and cushy offices have clear mandate to professionally manage and supervise daily transactions of financial and legal nature. Their prime mandate is to lend weight and credibility by their ‘physical presence’ so necessary to police the accuracy, diligence and integrity of such important paper work flow. Each of these transactions demands verification, with fiduciary execution and responsibilities.  Hours and hours of work and personal interaction will suddenly be done by a single click with block-chain technologies.

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